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tuesday, october 9, 2007

the busyness just doesn't seem to stop. subbing, writing, editing, dii-ing, web...ing. i still don't have even an inkling of an idea for a new whysper design...well, okay, i have an inkling, but that's about it. inkles don't lead to much and it i'm not sure it'll slow down enough before the first of the new year for me to do more than inkle at it. 4 books in edits for the small press i'm with, 3 sites needing layouts, my own novel now on a revisions schedule, duties with dii...i think i'm finding a limit here. maybe.

and we're already starting out christmas planning. (don't ask. really.) we have to. money, you know. we never have it, always need it, and will be hosting at least some of the family for dinner.

so, yes, it's been busy. even when it doesn't look busy, it's been busy. i have 5 authors for the small press i'm editing for at this point, and rarely don't have a manuscript in my box. i'm also doing some slush reading, but not a whole lot--an activity i doubt will continue since the head of it all and i have different ideas of what should survive the slush. (example: she lists a manuscript format; but doesn't kick them back if it's not followed.) and a lot of what she accepts is bad. beyond bad. and only makes me more deternined to find an agent and go for the big publishing houses. although a friend is starting a new small press and i may end up a senior editor for him. it has a couple of advantages: i know him and know he will be careful to accept only the best work, and i will like the people i'm working with. since it's just getting started, i still need to be at my current press for awhile, but we're talking an eventual small fee plus royalties instead of royalties alone, which would be fantastic even with as small a fee we're talking. obviously, since it's just starting up, we're talking royalties only for now. i am both excited and scared about the prospect, but since trying for the regular 9 to 5, here's a solid paycheck every month job hasn't worked out for me, i'm thinking i don't have much to lose at this point.

although, it's not so bad that i didn't get hired. once phoenix and baby leave, subbing will be out of the question for me. mcat finally let his business take its nose dive into nonexistence, and now saxy is working for mcat's partner. mcat's partner is a 7:30 am to 3:30 or 4:00 pm kind of guy. i have to be at middle schools i work in at 8:30 at the latest--which is when youngest gets on her bus. the boy is often not picked up until close to 9. it's not much better in the afternoons: hub is often not home until 4:30 or 5...at LEAST 20 minutes after taz is dropped off at home. i wouldn't be home until 5, assuming i had a car to get me home. of course, if i had a car to get me home, all the money i earned would be eaten up by payments, gas, and other car related expenses. but this isn't the only reason me not getting on ft/p with the district ended up being okay--they ended up laying off and shuffling employees around because they over hired considering my difficulty in GETTING hired, i know who would be one of the first to be laid off. and then there's the whole, hating stepping into the classroom thing i have going right now. really, not good. so, not getting hired may mean no regular paycheck, but, by the way everything looks, it would have ended up that way anyway and i'd have been more pissed at the district about the whole mess than i am now.

and then there's the issues with froggy. yes, still. we've now taken everything out of her room and she has to earn everything back bit by bit by NOT stealing. going on week 3 and still no luck. i'm at a loss.

i'm not having much luck at finding an affordable host for alden.nu and saxykams.com. and even if i could, i'm not having much luck on the money end of things at the moment. we just had to fork up almost $700 to restore our water--and had to get help to do it. another $200 went to gas. all this right after paying rent. anything else goes on the disconnect list and we're screwed. we have some money left, but it has to buy food.

and, speaking of money, some idiot tried to charge $1000 on my credit card. we hardly ever even HAVE $1000 in the account the card is based on. i finally called customer service today when my card wouldn't go through on a really small amount after a paycheck deposit by saxy. it just didn't make sense. the card has now been canceled and a new one will be issued to me. it was very strange that MY card was having issues and saxy's wasn't. the last 2 times the bank closed our cards, both cards on the account were closed. i'm sure whoever it is is trying to get credit in my name or whatever as well, but our credit is so bad, they'll stop pretty quickly. of all the identities to try to steal, mine is the least likely to bring you fame, fortune, or happiness, okay? i ain't got no money, honey! so you ain't getting anything cool when trying to be me! :P

in other busy news, i love having my daughter and grandbaby here, but it definitely adjusts the schedule a bit more than i'm used to. and working around it just doesn't seem to be happening for me. there's no real moments of silence, which, apparently, i need to stay on track with my editing and my own writing. sounds odd since i always play some kind of music, but there's no real interruptions except the ones i create myself. i fill...over full a lot. over loaded. sometimes overwhelmed, which i know is the adhd talking. i even went through a brief, "i don't wanna be on the computer" period. very brief, thank goodness, since i do my editing on the computer. as much as i love having them here, though, i am wanting some peace and quiet and a return to my usual day schedule.

course, i will really miss them when they leave.

the birthday earlier this week was fairly quiet. pretty much just kicked it and played on the p.s.2, did some work on the novel. not much else. we didn't have money for gifts. phoenix did most of the work in the house, leaving me to chill it. she also "ordered" me not to work for the day. and i did take the day off despite the piles waiting for my attention. even the novel revisions were slow and easy and mostly when the movie parts of the game were running.

and so, the month goes on...and on and on... it doesn't look like things will slow down much for at least another month or two. then...we'll see. until, the stack of stuff awaiting my attention calls. still...

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