it's been awhile
monday, september 17, 2007

things do not slow down in this house, i swear. the editing and writing keep me busy, the subbing not so much, and a lot of other things going on in the house keep me distracted. i mean to write, i just never seem to get here. some of the home stuff is a little daunting/depressing for me--the problems with youngest continue to spiral and taz is developing all the quirks of a teenager (which we're sure are contributing to some of froggy's issues, along with there being a baby in the house). and, unfortunately, web stuff has fallen down the list of things to do--there's too much other stuff i need to get to first. (though i DO need to get that new dii layout figured out and done one of these days! and it's getting time to think about next year's whysper design.)

con was a little lack luster for me this year, but hub really enjoyed it. for me, there were only a few panels i was interested, and all but a couple of those ended up less interesting than expected. it's not that i minded the rehash of old information--i think we sometimes need to be reminded of the basics, but the panels themselves ended up pretty dull. and there was even a panel i should have been on about crit groups and workshops. i did apply to be a guest and was turned down. the author list wasn't even all that interesting to me this year. not saying it was a totally bad year for me for con, just not fantastic. jabba was even missing this year. but, like i said, saxy had a good time, despite the 4 hour wait times to get into sg-1 panels. i let him take the cameras and the pictures, and he went in early monday so he could actually get into a sg-1 panel while i decided to stay home. we also finished off taz's poster (except for tapping and anderson, and i doubt either go to cons like this). i'm hoping next year will be better. maybe i'll spend more time off the writer's track. heck, maybe next year i'll be accepted as a guest. *shrug*

we've also had the first winter mess run through the family, brought home by me (of course!). hub has it now, once he's done, i'm sure i'll get it back just because i can. this bringing home crap is another reason i want out of the whole subbing thing. being anemic makes being a teacher kind of stupid. add to this the headaches and general malaise brought by the recent weather (it's been a stormy past few days), and i've just not been feeling all that good lately.

at the end of last month, the host for and disappeared without a word. apparently the owner was sick and had no contingency plan for his absence, which had become rather long. so now everything on jatol has pretty much bitten the dust. it's going to be awhile before i can get either site up. we had just paid jatol a little earlier this year (i think alden was halfway through, and saxykams renews after alden), and the cost of most other reliable hosts is much higher than i was paying with jatol. we're talking almost a 100% increase in fees. no way i'll be able to get both online at the same time, and no way they'll be up before some time in october. when they do come back online, they will be missing info--the databases of both hadn't been backed up in at least a couple of weeks. this isn't that big of a deal for, but saxykams will lose a lot of fl updates because of this mess, especially since i hadn't gotten a chance to backup the site again after the comp meltdown. it's a sucky situation, but at least i'm not running a business. the really irritating thing is that, apparently, the servers all came back online briefly after they went down, but i was at con and unaware that the sites had even gone down.

yea, it's a mess, but there's not much i can do about it at the moment. we have utilities coming due, rent coming up, and now a monitor issue to deal with as well. the old monitor on my dell finally died (it's only been 7 years! ;)) and i'm now using the monitor from the man's xp machine (the one that's slow as molasses in winter and has had issues since the day we bought it). we'll need to replace my monitor as soon as we can since there's stuff on the xp machine that needs to be transferred to another machine eventually, but since we don't need to do that right away, i have a monitor for awhile. moving the monitor back and forth is not something i'm at all inclined to do whenever we needs something off the xp machine, however, so a new one would be good. hell, even better would be a laptop, but we all know that's not happening any time soon.

on the upside, one of my stories has been reprinted and is now available in issue #22 of
aoife's kiss. we're still limping along financially, but that's pretty much a given, and at least we haven't lost anything. saxy's got a sure job with someone, we just need to get the insurance taken care of. once that's done, he can choose who to work for, and it probably won;t be my brother. it's been a quiet subbing year so far and i haven't had to turn down too many people, though i have turned down a few. i think it shocked one of my schools when i did it the first time. i've still got a lot of catching up to do from being sick, so probably will keep my schedule clean this week, which will give me a check of a whole whopping $160 come payday. but i'm just trying to buy groceries anyway, so it's all good.

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