busy, busy!
thursday, august 16, 2007

i really did keep meaning to write, but it's been hectic. since i last wrote, we've had a trip to pick up my daughter and bring her down with the grandbaby, the editing work has picked up (and i'm still hunting for something that either pays per hour or per project in addition to the royalty based position i have now), and school has started for the kids. work has been nuts for the hub, we purchased a car to replace the one that got killed by a semi, and the finances, as usual, have spiraled into oblivion (which really sucks with dragon*con coming up).

the last few days of july, we were preparing for our weekend up in virginia with my son-in-law's family. we left friday, august 3 -- which was also my son's 15th birthday. the trip was supposed to take 10 hours, but i think it took a little less despite having problems with the gps in hub's phone and getting slightly loss along the way. we also, apparently, took the "back way" in, which may translate into the long way around? not sure. the kids did fairly well -- having saxy's portable dvd player kept them quite occupied. the countryside out here is gorgeous and i enjoyed it very much. we stopped at a rest area along the way for lunch, which was also really pretty.

saturday was devoted to my son's birthday, complete with pool party. phoenixcat bought him and froggy swimsuits and just about everything else for the party (heck, she and the in-laws paid for most of the trip). we had a bar-b-que by the pool and taz actually got in the water and enjoyed it, which was surprising. he's not usually one for getting wet at all except for his bath. he hates getting sprayed by the hose. he actually stayed in the pool for quite a bit. we had LOTS of food, way more than we needed, but it was really good food (and we even brought some home with us). then came all the giftees, which he tore through like any normal kid. his stargate sg-1 collection is now complete, he got clothes for school, pajamas, and a few other things. all of this was followed by an ice cream cake and some extra ice cream. despite all the excitement, he actually went to bed pretty easily that night. i was surprised at how well he went to bed both nights, actually, but it helped that saxy and i were in the same room with him and able to keep an eye on him.

we left sunday and got in late. jewel took care of the animals, but we there were some issues. it wasn't anything too serious, but her annoying habits of not listening and not paying attention did come into play, but the house wasn't a disaster or anything and the animals were taken care of. saxy took monday off to help phoenix and baby cat start to settle in -- we had some furniture to move and things like that -- and went back to work on tuesday. the rest of that week was spent trying to adjust to more people in the house, getting up earlier to prepare for school, and working on the new manuscripts that came in for the editing job.

this week has been all about school and getting into a new schedule and adjusting to having a baby in the house. i forgot how exhausting a little one under the age of 5 can be! and i now totally understand why we're geared to have kids when we're younger -- just so we can keep up with them! baby cat is starting to do assisted steps and is quite a creeper (but not much into crawling). we've also been working on getting her on a fairly regular schedule.

i've also started my tai-chi again, and phoenix has decided to join me, so i get up earlier than the kids to get ready for that. while froggy gets ready for school, i'm doing the tai-chi dvd. so far, i can only get through the opening warm up, but i hope that will change. i'm also going to pick up dvd's on stretching and belly dancing. i seriously need to get my body issues under control because they're really starting to interfere with my quality of life. i'm not even thinking about losing weight, though that would be nice, just being generally healthier and stronger.

saxy finally purchased a car from the neighbor, and we'll be getting another one -- or trading the one he just bought up for another one? not quite sure how that's going to work, but we will be getting a different car once we can pull together a little more for the down payment. we got a decent settlement from the semi incident, but a chunk had to go to overdue bills, school supplies, and general living stuff. the paychecks are becoming scattered as mcat's biz winds down and as he has less to pay people for the work he's having them do (he can't pay us again this week). saxy is trying to get himself in with another person who we both trust more (especially since he's been screwed by mcat as well -- mcat owes him over $6000, and another person over $3000, and on and on it goes), but we need to come up with $800 for the workman's comp. phoenix wants to help out, but she has to start saving for plane tickets or trin won;t make it out for the holidays and she might be stuck here longer than they had planned. so, yea, money has taking a weird turn for us. i'm available for subbing in a few schools, but no one's called yet. i probably need to call them and remind them i'm around, which means i have to come up with my school list for this year.

the one thing i'm having trouble getting into the schedule is my own writing. i get off the comp around 4, which is when my son comes home from school, so i should be able to revisions and stuff, but i don't. i'm not sure what's up with that, but it's got to change if i expect to get my own work done. i don't really get started in the morning until 9:30 or 10 because the last kid isn't out the door until 9 and then i help kitten with baby cat a bit, then eat and shower. then i work on the job stuff, taking maybe an hour break for lunch and just to get a breather. i try to give myself some time to do stuff before my son comes in, but that time usually gets eaten up by other things.

on top of all this, phoenix is playing around with things in the house-- moving furniture, changing what's on the walls, and so on. she's an incredible space maker, and we need some help with this place. she's started separating our photos for scrapbooks (which seems to have become her hobby) and putting some of them frames up on the walls. i'm sure the biggest problems will be my office and the living room. both are a mess, both are difficult to keep straightened up, and the living room has piles of cds and dvds. the office has piles of books, but most of those are on the bookshelves; those that aren't are in the garage in boxes.

so, yea, it's been busy and promises to stay that way. granted, i like busy. busy is good! but for once i think i'm hitting busy overload.

speaking of which, it's past time to get to work. i have two manuscripts, a bulletin board, a short article, and several other things that need attention. busy, busy indeed!

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