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the grumpy edition
friday, august 16, 2002

money seems to be an issue on everyone's mind of late. the government would like to believe that the economy is going well, but if some of my reads and the situation around here is any indication, 'well' is a vast over statement compared to the reality.

in our house, saxy is waiting for a check from his previous employer. it's not a lot of money, but it would be useful money. we have a couple of bills slated for it. we know they received the form we sent them as we mailed it with a return receipt. we got that receipt last week. still no check.

as a result, saxy is grumpy. he hides in his room after the mail comes and his check is no where to be found. he's tried calling and the person he's supposed to speak to is either out to lunch or not in or could be just not picking up. she hasn't called back either. we can't call anymore because the cell phone, which we were using for our long distance calls, was cut off. it was one of the bills we were going to pay with this check. this also means my $300 deposit is gone as well.

other things are actually going semi-ok for grumpy. school is pretty much settled. we do have to find out why they didn't approve deleting his last set of grades since he provided a report that showed his problems were medical. even disability services doesn't understand that one. and this is the one thing that was important to get approved since his grades from that last semester prevent him from getting f.a. right now. his classes are covered by a governor's waver, but the books are not. he's going in on monday to find out why they disapproved the class thing.

other than that, one of his classes didn't come through, but he will be in 6 units and that's all that's required for him right now. i think he's looking forward to going back. i know he's nervous, he does have to change the way he does things and it is very hard for this boy to change anything.

one of the changes that doesn't seem to be taking effect is how he treats the kids. i've told the kids that he's just generally a negative person (which he is), but i think even they don't understand how he can treat the cat better than he treats them sometimes. unfortunately, grumpy has developed a knee-jerk "no" reaction. it's a habit. as noted above, habits are hard for him to break. the only good news in his relationships in the house is that at least we aren't on eggshells and fighting like we were two years ago, but i'm not sure his relationships with the kids are much better. they seem to think they are, so i guess that's something.

i just wish he would stop being grumpy.

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