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child weather
tuesday, august 13, 2002

it has got to be the weather that is making my kids nuts. they have been fighting almost nonstop for weeks now (and the temps have been heating up for weeks now). this seems to be particularly true for the two younger girls.

jewel and shebop share a room. they kind of have to since kitten is the oldest and deserves her own room and taz is the only boy so gets his own room. now, saxy and i could abandon our room and sleep in the living room, but neither of us is really inclined to do so. so, the two younger girls share a room. good thing is both are sloppy, so there's no arguments about cleaning unless we're telling them to clean. however, finding the floor can be a real trick!

anyway, middle daughter is hitting that teenage space that can be so annoying. kitten went through it and seems to be finally settling out of it some, but jewel seems to be taking the stage to the extreme. at least when kitten got both adults telling her what was right and what wasn't, she'd back down. jewel does not like to back down. she's bossy and absolutely MUST be right.

last night jewel was supposedly helping shebop with a telling time worksheet and ended up confusing her more than not. when shebop brought the worksheet to me to check, over half of it was wrong. jewel came down and insisted it was right even though both of us told her the answers were wrong. on top of that, the two girls were fighting from the moment shebop walked in the door.

we've since decided that one must do homework upstairs, the other must do homework downstairs and shebop needs to come to us with problems.

i've noticed similar problems with the kids when it suddenly gets cold and wet too. they just turn into little crab apples. well, big crab apples that can't leave each other alone. shebop loves to drive poor taz up the wall by going into his room and refusing to just get a toy and leave (the toy box is in there, it has no where else to go). all of them like to pester kitten. jewel helps with baths and likes to leave the door open on shebop (and you just know she'd throw a fit if someone did the same to her). peaceful days when it's hot or cold and wet are rare.

i'm threatening to move to canada with my friend phoenix. i can come back when the winter hits. i'd rather deal with bickering kids than be buried under 6 feet of snow.

sometimes it's just a matter of putting things into perspective.

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