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thursday, august 16, 2001
thoughts a la yesterday

yesterday's randomness:

i finally have a lamp in the bedroom. it isn't the best lamp ~ it's a stand up with no lamp shade and with a short somewhere ~ but it works for now. it still bothers saxy. a lamp shade and a softer bulb would probably help, but i have a lamp!

it's too hot. really, way too hot. 101 minimum these days. it really needs to cool off.

after trying to figure out how to manage the brain overdrive when i go to bed, i finally have an idea book (this entry is brought to you courtesy of my idea book, btw). since my mind gets so busy when i go to bed, and getting up to deal with it only makes it harder to get to sleep, the idea book is perfect. i take it upstairs with me at night. when i get ideas and inspirations, i jot them down in the book. then, nothing is lost the next day and i have gone to bed at a reasonable time.

i found my coat. not that i will ever buy it. i won't spend $150+ on a single item of clothing, even if i do need it. i'll just find another warm coat that works as well, even if i don't like it as much, for about $40 or $50. but dang..i love that coat. sigh. i also like this one, but man..why do they have to cost so much! :(


i am worried about a friend.

started reading catcher in the rye. still haven't finished madame bovery (however it's spelled), but man that one is tedious. catcher at least looks interesting. i am also still reading three other books on writing.

when something is wrong, i will tell you. and my husband, who has asked me half a dozen times in the last 2 days, should know that by now.

some days i really hate being a woman and this is one of them. most days i am sooooooo glad i am not a man, so i guess it evens out.

dang it's hot!

i have a month until school starts again. saxy has about 2 weeks. with a 20 unit quarter coming up for me and him taking a math class, there is no way i am even remotely looking forward to fall quarter. saxy and math mix like oil and water and 20 units are exhausting in their own right. but when i lost that honors class i had to make up for it or end up with a hell of a spring quarter. no thanks. no way i am going to take the heaviest load when i am the least motivated. so 20 unit fall here i come. don't be surprised if my schedule of updates (once, maybe twice, a week) remains the same.

but, then again, school tends to be weird, so i may update more than that. ;)

oh yes, another new project online for lil miss me and my writing fever. whether or not exercises will get off the ground is a whole different can of worms, but it is percolating in the back of my head. it would help if i were motivated, but i am not motivated much right now because...

it's just too damn hot!

i really need to get btw back up. no motivation for that either.

i am tired of being tired. *glares at iron supplements* i have actually been taking my meds like a good girl. and all i want to do now days is pass out.

chapter 3 chapter 3 chapter 3...*spark* idea for chapter...eleven???? oh well, it is fast drafted and saved. chapter 3 chapter 3 chapter 3.

phoenixcat has the end of summer i'm bored no matter what i do summer blahs. i'm right behind her. i am bored with just about everything right now. maybe i should sleep for the rest of my vacation?

for once i am glad i don't have a life at the moment. getting out of the house would be suicide by fire.

have i mentioned that it is too hot?

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