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sunday, september 17, 2006

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it has been a crazy couple of weeks, and not just with the usual craziness that goes on in the frantic aftermath of me not working for the summer. the financial woes are the usual, so i won't bore anyone with them. we hold our breath, call in extensions, and some time just before school gets back out (those holiday breaks tend to screw us up as well), we're back on track, only to plummet back into chaos when my checks stop. it's a never ending cycle, so why go through all the angst over it?

but money hasn't been the only craziness around here. we've had a sick thing going on way too early in the year for us. okay, so my sickness wasn't a disease so much, but it's still odd to already have had 3 of us home bound before winter hits.

it started with froggy. odd fever, up and down, nothing too high, then it went up over 100 and she developed this hacking cough. and she kept that cough for about a week and a half. heck she still has traces of it, but the fever is gone and she's otherwise fine. we kept her home a couple of days -- a thursday and a friday so she also had the weekend to recuperate. she's had a bit of a time catching up in school, but i think part of that is the teachers. they held her accountable for stuff she was absent for without giving her the time to catch them up. still, with the way she's doing, she'll get the grades back up.

then my period, which has been awol for months, came back with double the vengeance. i called off sick because for four days i was in the bathroom literally every 2 hours even double padded and with super plus everything. i got maybe 9 hours sleep over that four days. really, if it had continued like that for another day, i would have gone into urgent care, but i figured doing so within the first few days would have the same result as the last time i had a heavier than usual (understatement of the year there) period -- they'd give me medicine to taper it off with the warning that the next one would be worse. i figured i'd just deal with it being worse now and go from there. in addition to the heavier than normal bleeding, i had a nasty backache and cramps -- stuff i don't usually experience with my periods. i think i may have come down with a brief fever for a bit there too. i finally get back on my feet in time to work just one day last week.

at least the rent is covered.

then, jewel comes down with a flaky fever, just minus the cough, but with a swollen lymph node added. her fever goes up and down for a bit and then it too spikes, so we take her in. looks like a standard virus, but she had to stay home a couple of days as well. boy did she bitch about that.

yes, i have strange kids. they actually like going to school. we won't get into the whole "i suck as a parent" thing that's been hovering around my brain for the past few days, but, um, yea. weird kids.

anyway, then to add to top it all, vagner now needs to go to a vet asap (we have an appointment for him for today). he now has blood in his urine. he's been being a weirdo for a bit now, but seemed healthy enough. even now he looks good and acts pretty normal, in his strange way of normal. he's eating well, drinking (and playing in) his water. so, really, nothing seemed wrong with him until jewel noticed discoloration in his urine. 2:00 pm, he goes to see the vet and hopefully we caught it all in time and it won't cost me as much as i fear it will. he's worth it, he's my baby, but that money angst rears its ugly head any extra expense for anybody.

so, lots of sick going around like crazy. hopefully it'll finally put the brakes on. me being out for 4 days was bad enough (though i did make the rent money with this check, thank god), saxy being out will hurt us even more now that he makes more than i do in a day.

here's hoping we all get well and stay well. the crazy sick has got to go.

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