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monday 10.23.2000

i have, rather insanely to some of my friends, set myself to a rather large project. it may even be, technically, projects plural as it actually involves a of of the same stuff but in different classes. i am retyping my notes on to disk. ALL my notes. from csu and rcc. this is something like 6 - 5 subject notebooks, or so. plus, i want to get all the assignments and papers i still have in hard copy on disk. the disk i had for most of those assignments died ages ago when word decided it could not in any way, shape or form, translate word perfect. again we are talking huge quantities here, my ecs classes alone numbered around 15 or 20 and each had at least two major papers and a bunch of little stuff. i am more concerned about the major papers, but i'd like to get it ALL on disc.

reasons for transcribing the notes may make some sense: i am tired of all the notebooks/paper that is literally all over the place and stack knee high in my closet; and i need to refresh my memory on my english, ecs, and psych classes so when i return i am not a total brain dead who can't remember a damn thing (just close to one). most my friends would probably add that i am totally a.r. in there as well. obviously this is going to keep me QUITE busy for a long time. probably until the day school starts if not longer. but i really do think this is a good thing. i honestly don't remember much after the iron problems and everything else got in the way.

what i didn't need was the failure of the diskette i had started to do all this stuff on. it was damaged beyond my system's capability to read. 3 hours and norton's disk doctor and unerase later i had maybe half of what was on the disk back. everything else was unintelligible. i printed out the 80% of the notes that got saved and trashed said disk...NOT a happy camper. then went to my drive to begin backing up a couple of other disks and guess what i found? all the files from the damaged disk, and all the files were ok. obviously this medication, in addition to giving me the shakes, isn't working well enough if i can't even remember backing up a single floppy. considering that i RARELY use floppies any more (the zip is soooo much nicer!), i would think this would stand out in my mind! obviously i am going to keep copies on my hard drive, make new floppies, and when i get the money, buy new zips and dump files on there as well. i get so tired of losing my stuff!

i also have to get my committees in working order before classes start or i could be in serious time crunching trouble when i start school. and if it comes to cutting something, as much as i hate it, more internet stuff would go. i have to get this finished. i need a job that can actually support us. i am not going to get that half educated. and as much as i didn't choose my major, it will at least get me a teaching job. while teachers aren't paid "enough" considering what they do and by most teachers' opinions, $2,400+/month is a heck of a lot more than i make now. and if i can scrape by on $950 (barely but i do it), then i certainly can do somethng with $2,400!! so getting this committee stuff back on track is also a project for me. problem is, i can't seem to get motivated. i am working on that, but school is just looming so much for me and i am so nervous about it, it is hard to think of anything else.

one other small thing to note: today was day 31. thursday i go file the final paperwork and get a court day for the divorce. i am sad. i still care. but he hasn't been good for us, so caring can't be in the picture at the moment. whatever happens between m and i, at least right now he is a very stabilizing, solid influence for me and the kids, rather than an emotional roller coaster.

and my final project? i have decided names may best be NOT used in my journal and blogs if i can help it. so...while the blogs would be impossible to go through at this time, i am going through the journal and replacing names with nicknames where i can. for those of you who know who i am talking about, no big deal i presume. for those of you who don't? sorry, but i'd rather protect the innocent. ;)

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