a lot going on
sunday, november 18, 2007

so, yes, things have still been pretty busy. amazingly busy, actually, for people who don't really do anything. there are some changes going on, the holiday crunch, plus all the usual stuff. hopefully, as the holiday season comes to a close and i can actually establish a real routine, things will settle in a bit more.

yes, you read that right, a real routine. with phoenix and baby cat heading back up to virginia, there's no way i can sub any more. as i mentioned before, there's no way to make the timing work. and next year it'll be even worse since taz's hours will change to 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. with subbing out of the way, and all the extra people out of the house, i'll be able to work on a regular routine, which should increase my productivity all around. when you sub, there's no such thing as a routine, even if you sub for just one of the 3 levels of school like i did. first there's the question of whether or not you'll go in. if you do go in, then there's the question of which school--not only do you have to leave the house earlier for schools that are further away, but each school has variations in the standard schedule. then you have to factor in the grade level since each has its own lunch time and connections period that's different than the others. finally, the class itself comes into play, and each class as a variation on the grade level lunch time. and all that doesn't even count changes in the school schedule from holidays, testing, or whatever happens to be going on that week. with all those influences, there's just no way to develop a regular schedule. it's exhausting, really, and i suspect it wasn't only the horrible kids i had on my last long term that have made me so disillusioned with subbing.

this doesn't mean i'm doing nothing, however. i'm now a senior editor at a brand new small press called Lilley Press. since it's just starting out, there's no money involved yet...even though we have our first 2 books in production, it will probably be awhile before i see much of any income from it. but i'm okay with that--it's not like my subbing brought all that much into the house anyway. it seemed like it did because we could pay the rent with my check at the end of each month, but it really was just a way to save up for the rent. the husband had to work shorter hours and, when you add that to all the costs of working (transportation, clothing, extra food, etc), i made maybe $10-$30 a week...maybe. now, as long as saxy works pretty much full time, we can have more income coming in without me working. and eventually lilley, which will pay quarterly royalties, will kick in and be paying at least as much. we're willing to put in the time, especially since the job will make me happier (i was working on going into freelance editing anyway) and allow me to be home with the kids and give saxy a full day at work.

i'm already trying to work out a routine that accounts for everything i want/need to do in a day: exercising, the editing job, my own writing, house care stuff, and, of course, family time. yes, you read that right, exercise. i need to take care of myself. i'm not exactly hoping for weight loss...well, okay, i am, but i'm not counting on it. what i want is to become healthier than i am even if i'm still overweight. the heart thing is getting a little scary without the meds to manage it. the aches and pains are driving me crazy. and i worry about being around to take care of taz. so, yes, exercise. i've not had a good track record with it, but i've got to try.

this week is pure chaos as we get ready for thanksgiving, phoenix and baby cat leaving, and gear up as best we can for the holidays. this year we're actually trying to do our own thing for thanksgiving instead of making do with what other people give us. in cali it was always turkey because linnorm got free turkeys from work, and we used whatever canned/boxed foods were given to us by the church or the kids' schools. out here we've just not really celebrated much, except last year when some neighbors brought us dinner. and, honestly, it didn't matter all that much. in cali, the kids spent thanksgiving with their dad, and out here it hasn't been a big deal because christmas is more important to us. the one thing we've done every year is put up our christmas tree as an expression of our thankfulness for christ.

but this year, we're going to try to establish some traditions other than putting up our tree. some of this comes from phoenix, who wants a real thanksgiving with us. and some of it comes from us just deciding it's time to work out our own food traditions. on our list for this year: orange glazed ham with cloves and pineapple, sweet potato pie, herbed bread or crescent rolls, green beans almadine, sour cream and chive mashed potatoes, cranberry-orange relish, spinach salad, and acorn squash. whatever survives the cut for next year will probably be posted to the all recipes community over at lj. as usual, the tree will be going up, this time with an additional ornament for the grandbaby. we don't expect to be able to put presents under the tree, not with the christmas dinner now involving more than just us, but, then, we never expect to be able to put anything under it and always seem to manage something. 'course, it's usually "extra" from my paycheck that does it and this time around my last paycheck won;t be that big. we'll see what happens....

the day after thanksgiving, the in-laws will be down to pick up phoenix and baby cat. they'll stay the night, since it's a 10 hour trip, so we're frantically trying to get the place cleaned up this week. i also need to buy another box of cards to send out the monday following thanksgiving because my card list has gotten a lot longer than i ever expected. we'll also be doing some limited cookie baking. limited, again, because of the christmas dinner thing, but we have a few neighbors and friends we like to give cookies to. we won't be able to do as many as usual, but we'll be able to do some.

also on my to do list? a new layout for whysper (i finally have a picture chosen!) and fixing alden.nu, which was made a mess with the server crap that happened at the end of august. add to all this my own writing and the new editing position (which includes, btw, reading slush), and, yea, there's a lot going on right now. hopefully it'll all settle soon and i can write in whysper more regularly again. i miss it.

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