packing up
tuesday, november 20, 2007

phoenix has begun packing up hers and the baby's things for their trip back up to virginia and the in-laws. she actually started yesterday. and she's been a basket case the whole time. she just loses emotional cohesion every now and then.

and she's not the only one.

last night, saxy came home in one of the worst moods i've seen since we got back together after the near-divorce. he was upset with mcat--he had taken on a freelance job (if you will) and had found out yesterday that mcat wouldn't be back this weekend to pay him. so, of course, now we're waiting for money from the very person we'd hoped not to be waiting on again. and it's for the same reasons--out of town and no money. how he manages both every 2 or 3 weeks is beyond us. anyway, he said he never wanted to work for mcat again and told him the next time mcat called and asked if he could to tell him no. no reasons. no clarification. just, no. he's not sure he can do that. i know he can if he has to, and he obviously has to.

at any rate, he was looking for something in the fridge and not finding it and, well, losing his mind and his temper. when he started throwing things out of the freezer, i was done. i borrowed some money from my daughter, handed it to him, and told him to get out of the house for awhile. go eat, go to a movie, go drink himself blind (okay, she didn't have that much, but the point was there), just get out of the house and find a way to unwind because i won't deal with that b.s. any more. he showered and stormed his way out of the house and didn't come back for 3 hours. he made it back, in time for
heroes, but he passed out before it was over.

and today he apologized for his behavior, which is a wonderful step forward for him. whatever was going on, i'm sure he had a right to be upset, but i will not tolerate having it taken out on us.

while i'm sure some of it is from being in the same old mess with mcat (really, i just shook my head when he told me he was going to do work for him again; and shook it more when mcat demanded it be done before the weekend), i also suspect the idea having people over friday night (the in-laws will be driving down friday, staying the night, then running off with our daughter and grandbaby on saturday) and the fact that kitten is leaving added to it. the house has been a little nuts since she started packing on monday. even taz is acting up a bit more--stimming and talking to himself more than usual. no one is looking forward to saturday.

in addition to all that packing, i've just finished with the first batch of christmas cards so they are all ready to go out the day after thanksgiving. furniture has been moved to make room for the tree. christmas things are being UNpacked to be ready for the trimming of the tree tradition after thanksgiving dinner.

in essence, my living room has become a pile of clothes, boxes, bags, and miscellany as people pack, unpack, do laundry, and stamp as needed. to add to this, packages have started coming in from various and sundry places, including the new p.j.'s my daughter bought me so i don't freeze to death this winter. i'm more comfy, yes, but that also means more packages and packing material in my living room since the living room also doubles as my bedroom. i've not spent a whole lot of time online the past few days and expect that will continue to be the case until after the weekend.

and tomorrow? ham comes out to defrost, the cranberry-orange relish gets made, possibly some cookies get baked, the linen gets washed, and the dishes get checked and cleaned.

as much as i'll miss my daughter, i almost prefer the packing....

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