the plan
wednesday, december 19, 2007

yes, there is a plan! sometimes you need a plan--especially when you missed a day because of being under the weather (physically and environmentally). felt like crap most of yesterday--thus no entry (not doing so well this holidailies, i tell ya) and not nearly as much baking as there needed to be. i did, however get my textures back up in the linkware section of the site (and should have the tubes up today). it's a good thing i'm feeling a bit better today, and a bit more motivated (even if the clouds can't make up their mind). i have 4 days to complete the shopping, the baking, and a few other things. thus...the plan.

the first part of the plan is already taken care of--an order with 2-day shipping. part of another order placed last week should be in today. not sure about the other 2 parts since they've both had "carrier notified to pick up package" for DAYS now--and one was "shipped" a few days before the package that should arrive today. the 2 day shipping better come through or i'll be very upset.

yea, okay, so we shouldn't order online this late. but amazon is good for a couple of things when doing late gift shopping: you can almost be guaranteed that all 3 books in a series are there to order and items are cheaper. even with added shipping cost, we're not paying more (and probably still paying less considering the cost of 1 or 2 of the things we were looking at: one was $55 at target, and $42 at amazon; spread out the shipping cost between the items, and i'm still saving about $10).

so, online orders have been made and items are being shipped and should be here no later than saturday. hopefully they'll be here friday, but i'll be happy enough with saturday.

part 2 of the plan got a bit of a delay. since i wasn't feeling very good last night, i actually went to bed early (yes, be amazed!). of course, this means the dishes didn't get done since no one does dishes if i don't. okay, i'm sure the hub would pitch in if he had nothing to cook on, but that wasn't the case. this meant, you guessed it!, i had a load of dishes to take care of. they are done and now in the washer, with a couple of things i need to hand wash/dry (hives or not) to clear out the sink for washing out baking utensils.

yes, part 2 of the plan is to bake like a maniac all day today. no taking it easy like i did yesterday (which, admittedly, was mostly due to feeling like crap). the first batch of peanut butter cookies are in the oven now. today i MUST make the dough for the chocolate crinkles, and hope to god most of them survive to the holiday. i'll have to make at least 3 batches, probably 4, to guarantee there are any left for kitten and family--hub loves them waaaaaaay too much. i've also already made a batch of eggnog cookies, but need to make at least one more. plus i need to make some snickerdoodles and play with a butter cookie recipe--see if i can sweeten it a bit and still have it work. right now it reminds me of a shortbread recipe, but saxy wants it to be a bit sweeter, especially since we don't frost our cookies. i did sprinkle sugar on top--maybe an extra 1/2c of sugar won't hurt it much and, with the sugar on top, it'll be a flavor he likes as well.

i'm also expecting a package or two today--stuff that needs to be wrapped, and i wrap best when i don't have to do a lot at one time, so, yes, i'll be wrapping a package or two today. finishing laundry. starting cleanup in the living room...maybe. how much i do is limited by my back. there's this problem i've had in my lower back for years now--since before froggy was born, and it's only gotten worse over the years. exercise has helped, but it still has limits, and it never goes away. no one knows what's up: the doctors know it's real, but x-rays and all that don't show anything definitive.

so, baking today. saxy is taking tomorrow off so we can finish shopping for the kids without the kids being present (they're off on friday). we've got froggy figured out, but need one more gift for taz from us and a gift for him from the grandparents (this whole shopping thing is only possible because of said grandparents). we also need a gift for jewel from the grandparents, then maybe one more gift each just for each of the girls since the gifts we have for them now are "you and your significant other" gifts. when we get home, it'll be wrapping and, you probably guessed it, more baking.

friday starts the cleanup. the guest room gets made up and ready for kitten and company--so froggy will be focusing upstairs for the most part. i'll also use friday to go through the christmas dishes and see what we need to get more of to make the dinner table work, if anything. we have an extra box of plates we can open if i'm short on actual dishes, but we may need to try to find the stockings, napkins, and some extra silverware. i actually REALLY hope not for the latter, at least not for this year. we'll definitely have to start thinking about it for future years with 2 girls already out of the house and one already starting a family. the dinner table is only going to get bigger from here.

cleaning should take us to sunday, possibly even monday. freezer stuff comes out sunday night/monday morning and gets put in the fridge to start a slow defrost. laundry WILL take until monday, i'm pretty sure, since we're doing blankets and sheets and stuff to make sure everything is clean for use.

and, this is the plan. hopefully the back will cooperate most days and it will all get done before kitten and family appear monday evening.

and now i better get back to it. since i started this entry, the peanut butter cookies have all been baked, and the crinkles are next on the list to get in the fridge. then on to snickerdoodles. i'd share, but i have yet to figure out how to make cookies survive the effort to stuff them through a computer line. ;)

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