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thursday, december 19, 2002

survived storm number 1. word has it number 2 is coming in tonight and it's nastier than the first one was and will take me into next week. sigh . . . .

these headaches make me think that i will never be teaching full time anywhere. even taking the advil (which i have been practically living on the last couple of days) only takes the edge off most of the time. sitting and standing up still results in pounding headaches, just not make me sick painful.

i never got these things as a kid and i have no idea why i get them now. they are probably among my most annoying health issues - the other being my back. i have a spot in my back that is tender to the touch (curl me into a tiny ball fiery type of agony), but the doctors haven't figured out what is wrong. the last i heard they thought it was a pinched nerve. i just live with it and do my best not to aggravate it. unlike my other health issues, though, the headaches incapacitate me.

i'm not so sure it would be a bad thing for me to work only part time. problem is we need a full time income in this house and that doesn't look to be happening. for me, the upside is being able to be home with my son when he needs me home and having more time to write. but if saxy can't find full time work and i can well, then maybe it's just not in the cards for mama to be home.

beyond the aggravation of a work schedule, the things are just, well, painful. they interfere with the rest of my life as well.

well, i just hope this monster clears up by christmas. i do not want to be curled up in a tiny ball trying to ignore the pain when i'm supposed to be cooking for my family. i want to spend the day with and enjoying my husband and my kids. that's what christmas is for. and saxy's folks will be coming over too. we see them so seldom and i enjoy their company. i really don't want the day spoiled by a nasty headache.

here's hoping i can write again soon. but, just in case:


i hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. :)

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