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monday, december 16, 2002

it's very, very wet. while i am not a victim of the current storm (yet), my kids definitely have been. none of them left with an umbrella this morning, and every single one came home in the rain to one degree or another. taz had the least problems since his bus drops him off right outside our door. and the oldest had the most problems since she had to walk all the way home from her school, a good 7 blocks away. she came home a very unhappy kid.

and, of course, my head has been pounding since last night and has been steadily getting worse all day. i am hoping the gradual nature of the increase means that the pain won't be debilitating tomorrow, but i am not holding my breath on it. storms = headaches. the bigger the storm, the worse the headache. from the news on this one, it's going to be a curl up in my bed, nauseating, light sensitivity kind of monster. not even overdosing an advil helps those all that much. if i'm lucky, i'll be able to do some reading. if not, i'll be curled up in a little ball of mewling pain.

so, tonight i am trying to write through the pain. i have a new character profile i'm working on, but that will probably be pretty much it, if i get through it all. it's starting to get to the point where i feel sound - not just in my head, but through my body and rather painfully so. this is a very bad sign. and there is another storm coming in right behind this one.

starting tomorrow, life is going to really suck.

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