NOT that crazy!
monday, december 17, 2007

when i said the crazy begins in my earlier entry today, i certainly did NOT mean the crazy i got.

first, disappearing cat. doesn't come when called, can't be located in all her commonsense locations, or even her non-commonsense locations. last night was the last anyone saw of her. even saxy, HER MAN, didn't see her this morning. i was worried she had slipped out into the garage, but saxy would have noticed and shooed her back. so i kept looking. she had to be somewhere in the house. the two male cats followed me around as i called "kitty, kitty, kitty!" meowing at me. they were here, after all, coming when called, so what was my problem?

i finally found her hiding (sleeping, i'm sure she would say) under some blanket that were trailing off the bed onto the floor. we call this a logan now, since logan hid under the blankets for nearly two days the time before last that the oldest's in-laws visited.

up until the mighty cat hunt, it looked like things were going to be good today. laundry got started nice and early, the kids got off to their busses, i even exercised. but, of course, AFTER the cat hunt, things went progressively downhill from there.

the male cats, vagner and logan, have been quite enamored of the christmas tree. playing under it, playing with it, even the occasional sleeping under it. even adding packages hasn't helped...they just try to get the bows (no ribbons, ororo would eat them) off the packages. they've even managed to tear some of the beads off the tree skirt. today i tried to get under there and fix the mess they had made. the tree, not quite as well situated anymore because the cats have been dashing through the lower branches, decided to tumble into the wall. thank goodness it was easy to fix and nothing was broken, but i spent half the morning stalking nutso cats (because of the earlier ororo hunt, i'm sure) with a water sprayer.

yes, we need some mothballs to help keep them away from the tree and the packages that i had to plaster the bows back onto.

and, of course, i am, by this time, late to get started on my editing for the day and still don't have my box lunch packed. but, by now i need to switch laundry loads. got that done and ended up with half a dozen other little things i needed to manage. and all this is before lunch. i finally get the lunch made...and eat it. get a little editing in (8 whole, then start on the first batch of christmas cookies. and that's as far as cookie baking got until this evening when i made the m 'n m cookies.

i did manage to wrap presents, one that's been staring at me all weekend and one that just arrived early this morning. apparently logan has a thing for wrapping paper because i was chasing him off every few minutes while i did it.

the next thing i knew, it was 4 pm and my husband had been in and back out of the house and my son was knocking on the door, and the bed was still unmade, and i was out of time, and not a single cookie had been baked.


and in between all this, i had bumped things, been bumped by things, and was dropping things. it's a miracle i'm not a black and blue mess the way my afternoon went. at least there weren't any burns. oh, wait, i didn't manage to bake anything until tonight! i have 3 major baking days left. i hope things run a little more smoothly so i can take full advantage of them. i have to reserve the weekend for the pie and a few "extras" the hub is looking at having me "whip up".

there was a high point in all this mess. one of my lj friends sent me a cards with a gift card from target for $10. we used this to get eggnog and m 'n m's. unfortunately, the m 'n m cookies require wrestling to get off the cookie sheets and will not make our holiday cookie list after this.


hopefully tomorrow will be much less traumatic. not holding my breath. it does not bode well when the week starts with a missing cat and a christmas tree falling over. not well at all.

and now i'm going to go watch my canceled entirely after next week show, journeyman.

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