the crazy begins
monday, december 17, 2007

one of my biggest problems over the last few weeks has been finding time for my own work. the routine i've set up allows for it, i've just had a bunch of stuff override it--a novel edit that had to be finished so i could be done with the press, a sick kid, stuff to take care of at home, etc. as a result, i haven't gotten a whole lot of my own stuff done (although i did finally make the new layout for 2008--woot!).

and it's about to get worse.

this is the week the crazy begins. starting today, i am baking. not a couple of batches of something baking, but 3 or 4 batches of a lot of things baking. peanut butter cookies, a butter sugar cookie recipe that's new this year, eggnog cookies (which will actually wait until the weekend since we don't have the eggnog yet), chocolate crinkles, m 'n m cookies (also waiting until the weekend), and snickerdoodles are on this year's list. two of those are new (we usually only do one). this weekend i also get to bake an apple pie for christmas dinner dessert (in case anyone is crazy enough to not want a piece of the cheesecake).

the in depth cleaning also starts this week. we have to get the guest room ready and make the house presentable for guests. the dishes all need to be checked for chips and breaks, and we have to make sure we have enough of everything--which just might be a real trick since i've never entertained 10 or 11 people for dinner at once. we may just have to work with a mishmash of silverware, give the kids plain white napkins instead of the pretty, green holiday ones, and so on. i know i have enough plates because i still have a set in a box that was purchased in case stuff broke. so far we've not had that problem. i already know i don't have enough of the stockings to go around--i wasn't thinking of kids visiting with spouses and their kids when i bought them. i doubt i even have enough of the holiday glasses we bought for the same reason. the table we set for 2005 and 2006 probably will not be the table we set this year, except for the food.

thursday is the kids' last day in school--friday begins their winter holidays (which we used to call the christmas break when i was a kid, but that whole separation of church and state thing has since applied and so it's now winter break). this will make things both easier and harder. easier because froggy will be able to help set up the "guest room" (which is actually the master bedroom, but we sleep down in the living room instead); harder because taz will be off routine and he never handles that well. then there's all the excitement--excitement that kitten will be coming back with baby cat (and i'm sure they'll be happy to see trin too, they just don't know him well enough to be that excited yet), excitement that christmas is almost here, excitement that linnorm is on the way to spend a few days with his kids. just having them excited about something is enough to throw everything off. and froggy's off her meds right now, so keeping her on track will be a real trick.

friday or saturday we do the last of the shopping, both for food and for gifts. we hate doing it this late, but usually don't have much of a choice. especially with saxy and i, buying early makes no sense. the things we want are usually picked up by one or the other during the year, and buying the christmas gift early risks picking up something the other will buy on his/her own before the holidays. and froggy's gift wishes list (for birthday as well as christmas and any other gift receiving holiday) has changed at least 3 times this year. and don't get me started about the money. we did try to get gifts early one year, and it just didn't work out. fortunately, we gave up on stockings years ago and no longer need to buy stocking stuffers. we also do use amazon (and, in fact, have 3 packages on their way now), but the paycheck limits how much can be purchased at once, and there's just a point after which using amazon either means not on time or paying way to much to get it on time.

sunday is the last day for whatever cleanup, baking, wrapping, and et cetera that needs to be done before company arrives. the guest room bed will need to be made, the house as childproofed as we can possibly make it (she's walking EVERYWHERE now), the last of the gifts wrapped, space made for linnorm in taz's room, and so on. people are supposed to be arriving monday--yes, christmas eve.

on the upside, at least there's not much decorating to do? and there's no lilley slush to read right now. as much as i want us to have more subs, not having them this week is probably a very good thing. gives me an extra hour and half each morning to do other things.

no, definitely not expecting to get much of my own work done this week. i need to try since i'm a chapter behind on my novel revisions, but i'm not holding my breath. it's just going to be too crazy. speaking of which, i better get started on laundry, do my exercise/shower thing, and get the refrigerator cookies started and in the fridge.

i think i just might be a little late getting to my editing work today.

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