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sunday, december 16, 2007

yea, i was supposed to write a journal entry last night, and, no, i didn't manage to. why? well, because of the weather. i didn't even get to finish my writing for the day before i finally decided it would be more prudent to be go off-line. there wasn't lightning, but there was thunder, which usually means there's lightning on the way around here. silly drama queen storms. just annoying.

almost as annoying as a husband with a list that he doesn't use when shopping. *head desk* honestly, what does that man think?

we have this long, and i mean loooooong, shopping list comprising of the baking stuff, the dinner stuff, and the "we want to eat this week" stuff, plus had a few things we were going to look into picking up for christmas presents. he decided to start at sam's club.

bad idea. bad bad BAD idea.

bad idea because some of the gift ideas were dvd's. and, of course, get saxy anywhere near a dvd section of a store and his brains just drain out his ears. ESPECIALLY a place with discounts on the dvd's. all of a sudden he had $100 more in dvd purchases than planned.

THEN the ninny goes and buys the lunch box stuff in BULK. all well and good if you can afford it, but we can't and he couldn't buy much more. sam's is good for milk (we can save about $2 a gallon), stuff we can't locate in our grocery stores (like gouda baby bell cheese), and maybe a few bulk items AFTER we get the regular groceries. the butter and il were a good deal since i'm baking cookies. but he also came home with almost no food for the week and nothing for the christmas dinner.

and he had a calculator with him. and a list. that he apparently ignored until AFTER he walked out.

so, no more sam's club for him, especially if it means stopping by the dvd area. we can pay a little more at target (since the dvd prices were generally not all that much lower this time around) for dvd's if it will keep him from going nuts. and, for some reason, he doesn't go nuts at target.

oh, yea, must be the small selection. we generally have to keep him out of best buy too.

i love my husband, i really do, and he usually does a great job of shopping for food and stuff. he's actually become very budget aware during our marriage. perhaps more so than i. he just can't go into sam's club without losing his freaking mind. and we all have weaknesses like that, right?

there's a new storm moving into the area. gotta say, as much as i hate this kind of weather, i hope it rains. the drought down here is getting on the scary side. i mean, really. it just would really help if the SAME storm came and just doused us for awhile. would really help with the headaches. last night's storm cleared up by about midmorning, then by early afternoon a new one was moving back in, and my head hurt the whole damn time. now, with the new overcast taking over, all i want to do is sleep.

and, unlike my man, can't say i love rainy weather or the headaches it brings. :P

at least today i got both some writing and a whysper done, right?

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