making it healthy
friday, december 14, 2007

so, i've been at the getting healthy thing for about 3 weeks now, and so far it seems to be going pretty good. the first week, i had to make some adjustments--i'm just not as up to the tai-chi thing yet as i thought. i'm working on building myself up with the stretching for now. i'll add the tai-chi once i've moved on to a more advanced stretch routine. the one i do now is for beginners, and i only do 2 of the 3 sessions. i had to modify some of the exercises on account of my size, and i had to drop a few i just can't do at the moment, but i do all but maybe 2 or 3 of the exercises over all. all things considered, this is very good.

and, if my achy body is any indication, it's also doing what it needs to. :P

i don't feel particularly any more limber yet, but it's only been a few weeks, and i did skip one day because i had a sick kid home who needed my attention. it was hard enough to do the editing thing that day. home kids can sometimes be managed; sick home kids, well, that's a different animal altogether. and taz doesn't just pass out the way a lot of sick kids do. he's uncomfortable and stressed, which means more acting out rather than less. naps are hard to come by with him on a good day. he needs a high fever to take one when he's home sick, and a fever wasn't at all a part of the equation this time. i did notice that having an extra day between workouts was just a bad idea overall--i seem to get more achy and then the exercise itself is harder to do; but to miss 3 or 4 days was just...worse. going to try to avoid doing that again, sick kids or no! lol

this week, in fact, i'm planning to add sunday to the mix. like i said, the 2 day break just...hurts. and i'd like to get a 4th day into the week. the goal is to eventually be working out 6 days out of 7, but i'm willing to take some time to get there. :)

and i'm already noticing some changes, which i hope are because of the exercise. i can stand longer in the kitchen when doing dishes--one of these days i may be able to load that dishwasher all at once instead of having to do it in stages. and it looks like i might be able to be on my feet longer when making christmas dinner--which was my first major goal. this upcoming week with all the cookie baking will be the real test for that. on the days i exercise, i seem to feel better overall. can't say it helps with my focus or productivity--but that's the adhd getting in the way. regardless, i'll take feeling better. feeling better is good.

on the downside, it seems to be bringing back my cycle. i've literally been period free for almost a year and a half--occasional spotting, but no real bleeding. this month it looks like i'm going to have an actual cycle. i really could have done without it. i mean, really, really. more than you could have done with not being told about it! ;)

on the food end of things (remember, this is not about food yet, but...), the box lunches have indeed turned into a fantab idea for me. i make nice, varied lunches that are filling. it's definitely changed my during the day eating habits--i hardly "graze" at all in the afternoons now. i used to be an all day snacker; not so much any more. now, i just need to tackle my night time snacks. harder to do since i'm up till 1:30 or 2 a.m. and that's about 6 hours after we eat dinner. i'm not going to worry about it too much right now, but it's definitely something on my target list. maybe i need to make a night time snack box too?

i'm also becoming a bit more aware of what i'm eating. i'm being a bit more thoughtful in my food choices, even for breakfast. dinner not so much because the hub makes it, but i have noticed i do eat a little less than i was. i think, considering how much food he likes to put on the plate, this is a good thing. i've reduced my salt--it's not all out of my diet yet, but it's definitely down. and i've slightly reduced my butter. the new health journal has helped as well, i think. even if i'm not actively targeting food for major changes yet, the awareness the health journal brings makes the changes happen anyway, naturally. and that's probably the best and easiest way to change eating habits. the accountability probably helps too--not too many people comment, but i do have friends who care about me watching it and reading it and commenting occasionally. just knowing they're watching helps.

the part that's hard is the limited budget. this week (today) saxy will get a decent sized check and the plan is to make a sam's club run and put a significant amount on groceries. i've made sure to have easy to box lunch stuff on the list--fresh fruit and veggies, chex mix, baby bell goudas, stuff like that. but the reality of the regular budget is more like this last week--a day or two where i have a nice selection of lunch box stuff, then the rest of the week spent either scrounging for food or eating leftovers...again. lunches that comprise of the previous night's dinner tend to be less appealing, and i tend to not eat as much. this is good and bad. good because eating less is on the list of changes to eventually make. bad because i graze more during those days--looking for appealing food to eat instead of the same old-same old. it's a balance that's going to take some time to address budget wise.

i am otherwise doing pretty good at this getting healthy thing. slow steps, but at least i haven't given up, and good changes are happening naturally out of the choices i'm making. and i have more than a feeling that i can keep this up, i know i can keep this up. seems like a small difference, but it's a very important one. i CAN make it healthy.

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