thursday, december 13, 2007

yesterday was my second miss for holidailies. not deliberately--the day was just a bit full. full of things going on, full of thoughts that wanted to make it the journal and didn't, just full. heck, the last few days have been kind of crazy, and i'm sure it only promises to get crazier over the next couple of weeks as we get ready for christmas. this weekend, saxy will be buying the food, including the ingredients for the christmas cookies, so next week is baking week. we'll also be picking up gifts both this weekend and next, and, no, we're so not looking forward to that, but i'm buying what i can off and doing priority shipping for once. the last of the christmas cards should go out this weekend as well.

i'm getting really excited about this. it's going to be kitten's last christmas with us for awhile, and it's nice that we're going to get to do this up right. now, trin just has to cooperate and not find a way out of coming down. :P

a lot good going on the last couple of days, one or two things not so good. the main activity for me the last few days, other than editing work and whatnot, has been dealing with froggy. the girl has been totally teenager and lying about what's been going on at school and her grades. one of the teachers wanted me to call and arrange to go in for a conference, and we can't do that because of the transportation issues, so i started emailing and getting progress reports. she's failing 2 classes at this point and we're frantically trying to get her back on track. with me home, and now working out what she needs to do with her teachers, she's going to find it a lot harder to slide out of things. i'll get assignment information, and be able to make sure she gets the work done. having been in the classroom, i'm not one of those parents who takes the kid's word for it. she's lost a day (she can only lose 3), and may yet lose this week for her star chart.

so the last couple of days have been spent in contact with teachers and making sure froggy does her work. no more of this "i did it during bus call" crap. if she had done it during bus call, she would be turning it in. if she were turning it in, she wouldn't have a 30% in math and a 51% in social studies. you would think after almost being held back a year she would keep it together this year. plus, she's seen what this kind of behavior means here at the house because jewel went through it. no one gets left off the hook, froggy knows that. she cannot pass to the next grade if she's failing math; and i don't care of the district allows you to pass on a 'd', we require 'c's. she knows this, and i'm more than a little upset with her over this crap. she's too smart for it. now that i don't sub any more, she's going to find me keeping a sharper eye on what she is, and isn't, doing.

other than froggy's antics, i've finally created a layout for next year's whysper. it's not set up yet, but the graphics are done. i think i like it. ;) i've also finally finished my last fp manuscript (which took all day yesterday to finalize) and submitted it. with my fp commitment over and done with, i can focus solely on lilley. i have one manuscript in editing for lilley now, plus another 3 or 4 in the slush pile for reading. if we manage to accept 2 more pieces, i'll need another content and another line editor, but i suspect that won't happen until after the new year. we are trying to be very picky about what we choose. if the acceptances stay pretty scattered, the current eds should be able to keep up with things. i hope.

i've also spent quite a bit of time on the phone the last few days, trying to make sure my paperwork to get my bencor money is in and processed. it wasn't and they had to send me a new form. that's been filled out, faxed, and confirmed that they have it. they're doing what they can on their end to get everything taken care of. as long as there are no more glitches, we should have it by the end of the month, which means january rent and another chunk on the car are taken care of. saxy may also use a bit of it for the saw he needs. once he gets that saw and the air compressor, he can make more money. with me out of the traditional job sector, more money is good.

there was also a bit of excitement yesterday over my first PRO sale. i had written an essay for college awhile back on my son. "when tears fall" earned a "c" (grumps) and has been posted on taz's site for ages now, so i didn't really expect an acceptance. still, i couldn't resist an anthology entitled
voices of autism. i revised a bit and submitted. yesterday i received the acceptance and the 8 page contract (*gapes*). i've signed and it's in the mail to go out today. pro rates start at 5 cents/word. even if they count this at 1000 words (by the approximate word count listed on the piece), i'll get $75; if they count it as the "true" word count (1035 by ms word), i'll get $100. either way, i make 7 cents per word minimum. it won't qualify me for any professional writing organizations, nor does it mean i've "arrived" in any way, but it is a pro sale. i'm quite pleased. :)

today will be spent between editing, slush reading, and rearranging the kitchen. tomorrow will be grocery day. saturday will be gift day #1. next week starts baking and deep cleaning. the kids aren't out till the 21st, so i may put off the cleaning till then--with my back and hips the way they are, i need help (i'm actually a bit worried about the baking, but figure i can do it in phases). problem is it'll end up being a push since the daughter and family will be here either the 23rd or the 24th. linnorm comes down the 25th.

with only 7 days until it really gets crazy and stuff already in the mix now, it's no wonder things have gotten scattered. normal life--as normal as it gets around here anyway--probably won't return until january.

and now i must go de-scatter my kitchen, read slush, and god knows what else. looks like today will be just as scattered as the rest of my week has been.

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