working the holiday
tuesday, december 11, 2007

saxy has been working extra hours so we can have a christmas. 10 hour days and saturdays. he comes home tired, nothing gets done around the house on weekends, and it seems to have made him a bit clingy--the being tired and working so hard. he wants to be left alone, but wraps himself around me when i finally climb into bed, even if he's so far gone he has no idea what he's doing. i figured last night would be more of same: home, shower, eat, grumpy-leave-me-alone, bed, snore, wrap. instead, he wanted to talk about our christmas plans, of all things.

we finalized the guest list for christmas day dinner: kitten and trin and baby cat, and jewel and her boyfriend, dm. add the possibility of linnorm making it (unlikely, but possible), plus us 4, that's 9 for hens and one baby cat for whatever her mama will feed her since she doesn't have the teeth for hens. we already bought 10, so we're done with the hen buying. the rest of the list? let's just say yikes! and be done with it. ;)

anyway, he wanted to settle what was going on with his check this weekend, which is the first weekend of making sure everything is covered. kitten is supposed to help with the dinner fixings, but doesn't have an amount yet, so we can't pin things down as well as saxy would like, but we do know the number of people and that the dessert we thought linnorm was going to pick up is our responsibility now. he "set aside" some money for the various movies he wants to pick up (the movie industry is so cruel, having so much come out now!). the ingredients lists for cookies and dinner are both written. we've even discussed where to shop for what--sam's club for what we can, target for the rest of dvd's that couldn't be found at sam's, kroger for the last of the food, except the cheesecake.

i'm already feeling a bit flustered and i haven't even started cooking yet.

saxy's plan is to pick us up on friday, go cash his check, and go straight to sam's. i'm not sure what his plans are for the gift buying--i've been trying to do mine online, for the most part. and i think i have his gift from the kids solved because of that--they're going to share in what i picked up for him because it was a bit pricey since i got two things for him. i just ordered the second part and expedited the shipping so it will be here by christmas. first part is tucked in a box in a closet he never looks in. not that he'd notice even if he did--it just looks like another box among the pile of boxes in there. i'm still majorly stuck on what to get taz, but froggy's gift is wrapped and under the tree as of today. i'm not going to sat anything about it being there, though. the kids aren't expecting gifts (again!) this year, and i want to see how long it takes someone to notice.

we've also asked the older girls what they and their respective partners (and the baby) would like for christmas so we an start deciding on what to pick up for them. so far they've been more confused than helpful, especially when it comes to their men. i've requested emailed lists so we can start thinking in that direction.

i suppose i shouldn't be so surprised that saxy wanted to discuss this and start getting ready...except he's been so tired and cranky of late. rightfully so. he's working hard for us to have a christmas. he WANTS to get the kids gifts. he WANTS the traditional dinner. to make that happen, we need some big money over the next couple of weeks. my bencor account money won't even be mailed until around christmas eve. that leaves my man. this is baby cat's first christmas, and may be the last time we see her or kitten for christmas for some time. and i love that he wants it done right so badly that he will work his butt off to make it happen. i just wish he didn't have to work so hard.

i may just have to find something else for him that's juuuuuuuuust from me.

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