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sunday, december 14, 2003

an interesting development has occurred recently in my home. we've grown another writer: my husband. he's not sure how serious he is, but he's worked on his new story every day since he got the idea for it. he even joined dii.

oh my.

don't get me wrong, i'm actually quite pleased, surprised, but pleased. saxy needs something like this, something creative, something to help distract from his depressing job search, something that requires a little more brain work than sitting and watching tv. he needs something to do, something to keep him from being too frustrated or depressed.

and he picked writing?

but seriously, he's charged about his little project. he's asking questions about how to do this, where to find that, how to handle that other thing. he used to write, when we were in community college together. he stopped when he left college and real life intruded. he stopped reading too. one thing about being a poor parent, survival takes up a lot of your energy and if you don't have a lot to begin with, it sucks you dry. he definitely needed to get excited again.

and he's evidently learned from my own struggles to figure this writing thing out. he's already trying to figure out what will work for him to get from start to finish, instead of being held up by listening to others and getting frustrated by his failures. one more frustration would be bad for him, i think. looking for work is more than frustrating enough. right now his progress is pretty quick. he goes to bed and comes up with ideas that he writes on paper. the next day he types them up in his little program that's helping him organize all his story notes, inspiration, a program we picked up to make his class notes more visual, which is what he needs to learn. i'm glad the purchase ended up being a good one even if it didn't end up doing much for school (long story there and i don't want to go into it).

it's nice to have someone to share this with. someone who will understand, or will learn to understand, what i go through as a writer, instead of standing on the outside trying to understand but not really getting it. it's nice to have someone who will finally see why i get upset when i'm disturbed every 5 minutes while working on my writing.

but it's also nice to see him excited about something, and doing something other than sleeping or watching tv when not looking for work. and i hope it stays that way for him even when things get tough and the ideas don't come, or don't make sense, or the critiques seem harsh. and i hope he takes his time with this, enjoys it while he can, so to speak. i would hate to see him give up.

it's just so nice to see this side of him again.

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