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friday, december 14, 2001
baaad domy!

yes, i am still alive. no, i haven't forgotten you. yes, i have been thinking about journaling. and, yes, i have been bad and not journaling! i have such a contrary mind: when i am on hiatus i journal more than when i'm not on hiatus. go figure! ;)

but, for future reference, if you link to whysper for your reading pleasure, you may want to change that to dreaming in ink. i update something in my writing almost everyday (granted, not all of it online, but...) and all my journals are linked from there. plus, i list updates for any of the journals (whysper, ink, ink bold, persuasion) as well as eloquence. while i do not list blog updates, the blogs are linked from there. dreaming might be an especially good link to use if you like to follow any of my writing and/or are reading more than one of my journals.

but it's all up to you.


i have been enjoying some of my winter break. i am tired a lot, probably coming down from the stress and all the illness of the quarter. but, by the same token, i manage to be up all night anyway. my body is determined to go back to my night owl schedule, it prefers it that way. i haven't really been fighting it since i figure it will help me get back on track physically and emotionally if i just let myself go back to my normal rhythms. the big problem is, of course, i am falling off my meds again. it always happens when i am no longer on a regimented schedule. and something i really need to figure out a way to work out. i absolutely MUST find a way to remain on my meds during the summer. habits form slow for me, but seem to die really easy. and this is important too because the winter storms are moving in, and my head isn't the only thing noticing them. my asthma went completely out of control last quarter and i am wheezing a lot more than usual this year. i also need to go back to the azmacort - the qvar sucks.

(as a side note, the albuterol and adderall have an interesting enhancement effect when taken at the same time and at my current dosages.)

i have a lot i am trying to get done during break as well, which is part of what i am not enjoying so much. there's this constant pressure to get things done. and i want to get back to my writing too, but seem to find my time eaten up by other things. progress seems to go to slow for me (but then we are talking about miss zippy brain here). of course, we all know i ask for too much and always have more to do than any human being could reasonable have time to do. just seems to be my job. part of that is the multitasking. i have to multitask to get anything done. single focus always bores me.

so, in the almost 2 weeks that i have been out of classes i managed to:

~ get a new domain (don't ask!) and install my new board...5 times! (there is some kind of cgi issue on the new server, it's really odd)

~ do a little more work on dreaming in ink (i think there's only 2 places that need something added)

~ polish up and submit 2 short stories for publication...i should hear in late jan/early feb

~ and close down visions of mind

~ revise chs 1 & 2 of assassin's choice (working on ch 3 now)

~ world building for alden (on paper anyway)

and that's pretty much it. i have a lot on my to do list: redesign all the domains, redesign whysper for 2002, work on my mfa apps and essays, work on the games for keepers and uncrowned, and, of course, write. i know it seems like a lot, but this is stuff i want to do, this is stuff for me.

and that's what vacations are all about!

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