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making the runs
tuesday, december 14, 2004

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i need to make a run. make that several runs, as a matter of fact, and some of them are weather and work induced.

i need long-sleeved, lightweight sweaters, blouses, and tops. i don't want anything too heavy because the classrooms are reasonably comfortable (thought the school hallways are a bit chilly) and the heavy stuff that works for outdoors end up being way too hot for indoors. but the mornings, and sometimes the afternoons (like today! brrrrrrrrr), are getting pretty damn cold now and the short sleeves and lightweight tops i have just don't cut it. so, some long-sleeved stuff would be good (the curse of coming from cali- 99.9% of what i own is short-sleeved or sleeveless and fairly lightweight). i finally found an affordable place nearby to get clothes in my size (and, in fact, tonight picked up 2 lightweight, long-sleeved sweaters - i'm not wearing any more short sleeved stuff after this morning!). we also discovered that i'm actually a size or two smaller than i thought - though i'm a bit bigger in my bust line.

which reminds me, i also need to make a run on bras . . . and not just because i outgrew what i have. most fit well enough because of age, and age was my original reason for replacing those natty, old, falling apart at the seams things that try to be bras.

i need an ink and paper run. fortunately, that can wait a bit. i'm not doing a whole lot of writing lately - thought that may change with a 2 week vacation starting next week. we'll have to see . . . i have 3 fan listings to get online first - before my time to get them up and running runs out. after that, i may be in trouble though - my color cartridge (and my printer must have both a color and a black cartridge to work) is starting to fade, especially when i use the blue ink.

i'm short about a half dozen christmas cards, so i definitely need to make a run for those, and soon. probably tomorrow on the way home from work. i would have done them tonight, but i chose not to go to my bookcrossing meetup tonight - too damn tired. i need to make a gas run for the car too, but just might let saxy do it or do it at about the same time i go after the cards tomorrow. all of which assumes i'm actually working tomorrow.

i want a bigger planner with all the stuff that goes inside a planner so school notes, writing notes, schedules, and all that stuff can be in one book instead of in 3 different places. the problem is that the planners the size i want are professional ugly and god awful expensive or have handles like some stupid tote bag i'm about ready to try to find some pretty, sturdy notebook and just buy the stupid fillers. (seriously, $60-$150 for a planner? that's beyond insane!) if i had the ink and heavier paper, i'd just make my own stuff, but the cost of the ink cartridges i already need is more expensive than the stupid $60 planner even at prices. add a decent paper into the price and just forget it.

scrunchies. i need to be able to put my fuzzball hair up or i look like some untamed poofball. i kinda suck at the the whole hair thing, and, some mornings, fighting the clips just isn't worth it.

socks. in different colors. and thicker than most what i have. a pair of brown shoes would be a good idea too. right now i only have black ones that are good for work, but look ridiculous with things like the brown and beige i wore today.

and let's not get into the furniture we need. nearly every room needs stuff.

most of this i can pick up a bit at a time, thank goodness. i picked up a couple of long-sleeved, lightweight sweaters for work today, and a pair of pants. as we get caught up with other things (including the damn creditor that's really getting on my nerves now - i actually growled at the phone tonight), i'll pick up the other stuff and more clothes a little at a time.

at least things are getting better. getting a new blouse or sweater or whatever doesn't take away something the kids need or cut into the food budget anymore, at least not for the most part. i can live with making runs as long as i know there's hope for another run in the future, for our needs to be taken care of, for the day we'll finally be out from under the mess we're in.

i can finally say we're going to be fine and believe it. i can finally take care of things as they come up and know they'll be covered. yea, we got some things that still need to be worked out, but we can make a few runs here and there. eventually they'll cover everything we need.

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