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routine? what routine?
wenesday, february 10, 2016


lawd, it's been busy! not that i can point to anything specifically making me busy, but i'm certainly on catch up all the time these days. i can't even blame the baby since i'm not doing much with him yet, but every time i think i'm about to get on top of things...i don't. i keep trying to get back into routine, but it's like the routine has evaporated. and it only looks like it's about to get worse, so to speak.

we have more appointments than ever at the moment. rk (the grandbaby) had his first ped appointment on friday, taz and saxy have optical appointments tomorrow, froggy has her first checkup friday, saxy and i have physicals on friday as well. rk next appoint is friday, march 11. and taz has his next doctor appointment march 25th. i'm a bit boggled by having so many appointments in such a short time. last year,we had one appointment for taz every 3 months. some of the scramble comes from hubs having only one day off.

in the middle of all this, i've been trying to get back on track with my exercise...derailed once by problems with one of my feet, then by the birth of rk, and most recently by getting sick. it's driving me bonkers. the cold is interfering with my yoga—the apartment just gets too damn cold at night, and i prefer my yoga just before bed. and all the crazy has completely derailed my sleep schedule: some days i get 3 hours, others i get 7 or anything in between.

i've only written 4 times since rk's birth, i struggle to get housework done even with taz's help. i'm all over the place. that schedule i had before the grandbaby was born? is laughing at me. schedule? you thought you had a schedule? HA! what schedule?

thing is, this is probably not a bad thing. in a few weeks, mama-girl (aka froggy) will be going back to work, and i'll be on the job with rk, which means coming up with a whole new routine anyway.

between now and then, i have to cut myself some slack, roll with the flow, and focus on getting the bits we still don't have for baby boy (and, hey, anyone who wants to help, the baby registry is here). just made another big order, and have the grandpa sending along some stuff we need as well. it's a big focus. we even finally ordered a replacement carpet steamer so we can get this carpet cleaned up. not such a big deal with all the adults in the house; a really big deal when you'll have an infant crawler soonish.

in the midst of all this, the really good news is that taz seems to have taken it all in stride. he was with us when poor froggy was in so much pain on the way to the hospital, and while he seemed concerned, it didn't phase him. he's not had much interaction with rk yet, but he's also not been too phased by this extra person in the household and the slight adjustment in everyone else's routines. his routine is one that's pretty much managed to stay just about the same. the cats are having a harder time adjusting to not having froggy's lap to climb into anymore than taz is about having his nephew in the house. we've talked to him about what he needs to do if the baby starts crying and froggy's not here and i'm asleep or not in the room, but he's not had to do it.

froggy has been an amazing and attentive mommy, especially for someone who really didn't want kids (and hasn't since she was 15 or 16). rk seems to actually be settling in to a vague idea of a routine, which is nice so early.

so the only one who isn't back in any kind of routine appears to be me. i'm just one distraction away from any plans being scattered tot he winds. every day.

routine? what routine?

*rolls eyes*


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