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busy, busy
sunday, march 6, 2016


we've been to doctor's literally every friday since the middle of last month: froggy had her checkup and rk was circumcised, hubs and i have seen our fp twice, taz has been to his psych for meds, and i've gone to the cardiologist 3 times. in between all that, we're still adjusting to having rk in the house, hubs and i have changed the cooking schedule, we steamed the entire apartment (with one room being done twice), and finances have gotten tighter as changes at saxy's main job impact his hours in a negative way. plus, charms, has a big bite that required a phone call kind of thing (am now waiting on the next phase to complete, and possibly contract negotiations before i can officially announce anything) and has me anxiously checking email and so on. you know, the way anxious, neurotic writers do. we're supposed to get ready for a server move for dii this month, and still more doctor appointments. plus girlie goes back to work this week and daylight savings time starts next weekend, i believe.

everyone is doing pretty good. froggy is anxious to get back to work (and once she does so, the finances should ease just a little; with an infant in the house, though, it's still going to be tough—when did formula get to $26/canister?), but it looks like they're going to ease her back in since she only has 3 days on this week's schedule. this is not necessarily a bad thing as she has another procedure coming up and she'll need a little time off after that. she's still sleeping a lot, but i'm sure that's a combination of boredom and the baby not quite settling in (we thought we had something we could work with for a bit there, then the last two days have been something else entirely, lol). she's also having a little trouble with milk production, and he's having a little trouble with formula. finding a balance that will work for both of them, especially with her upcoming schedule switch, has been a challenge.

the new insurance is freaking expensive but starting to pay off (okay, maybe not as expensive as insurance can be, though if we didn't qualify for the a.c.a., we'd be paying more than my ex was for family coverage a few years back, and i'm not sure the benefits would be equivalent). our blood tests came back with the expected problems. he's back on cholesterol meds, and i have 3 months to try to bring my cholesterol down (not as high as his) before we'll revisit and decide if i need to be on meds. i suspect that will be a yes just because i've been having such a hard time with food, weight, exercise, etc of late. it's very frustrating. anyway, we're both back on bp meds as well and a super dose of vitamin d once a week. otherwise, she was pretty happy with our results all around.

she did refer me to a cardiologist for some tests because i have an odd hiccup in my heartbeat: one side is a fraction slower than the other. turns out everything looks normal and pretty much operates as it should except for some reason my heart had to make a detour for the electrical current for one side, thus the hiccup. it's apparently not dangerous—there's no thickening, no signs of disease, no signs of an artery blockage, etc—but there's also no explanation for it at this time. the good news is i don't have to worry about my heart rate any more than normal when exercising and don't have to bring my exercise down. they did have to swap out my bp med to losartan because i developed the hack with the previous med (a risk with a number of bp meds, apparently).

the weather has been generally beautiful lately, but i can't take advantage of it and walk because of a stone bruise or some other nonsense going on with my foot that's still healing two months after it showed up. it's upsetting because i REALLY need the sunshine. i am doing other cardio (which is somehow easier on the foot than walking?), but i'd love to be out in the sun even though it's still a bit chilly out there. course, i may have to skip walking this spring anyway because of the baby. i have a few things to help carry him once he's allowed out (after his first vaccination at 2 months), and i have a "walkers/runners" stroller i can put him in, so we'll have to see how useful any of that stuff is when it comes time.

saxy's work schedule is closer to what he'd like: days at the cafe and only 1-2 nights at el taco at the most. he'd like to get more work with bold, but that tends to be more likely in the fall. i think he may have pulled himself off the schedule for a bit because of the baby as well. we all have some adjusting to do in that regard (though taz seems to have rolled with it like a champ). because he now has more time home in the evenings, he's trying to cook more. unfortunately, he's still a bit constrained in playing around the way he'd like because he's not into vegetarian food, we can't afford the seafood he should play with for the caribbean cuisine, and meat in general has to be limited budget wise. it's frustrating for him, but he's trying, and i get nights off! this also makes it easier on me when it comes to menu planning since i now only need to come up with 3 or 4 dinners a week rather 6 or 7.

i'm still having trouble finding writing time (which is one reason why both whysper and alden haven't had much in the way of updates of late). i'm sleeping in more again, up later at night than i should be, and usually too tired and brain dead to do anything during that midnight to 3 a.m. time that used to be my most creative period. i am trying to bring back writing in the "cracks" of my day—those moments when nothing else needs my attention (i was doing this when subbing but have gotten out of practice in the years since then)—but i don't always think about it and often get caught up in social media. the bad thing about this schedule is that i always feel behind when i'm starting my day after noon. i'm technically not behind since most of what i do doesn't have a deadline associated with it, but i still off track and like i'm not getting enough done. going to have to work on not letting myself feel that way.

speaking of which, that goal of being in the moment? it's a lot harder than it sounds. especially when you're busy busy! three months into the year and i feel less present than i did at the beginning of the year. i suppose that's the way of things when there's so much going on. i've got a few more focused goals i need to add to my list for the year, mostly health related (10 pounds by june, adding more of certain foods to my diet to help reduce my cholesterol, drink more green and black teas even in the summer). not sure if they'll help with being in the moment or not. they require i think a bit a bit more about what i'm eating, which has been a challenge (though lately, i seem more aware of what i'm eating and why and just not caring right at that moment, so maybe i have made some steps forward recently), so who knows. maybe needing to think about them will help despite everything else that's working on distracting me.

i'll admit, on the one hand i much prefer being busy; on the other, i'd rather the busy not involve so much new stuff and changes at once. lol


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