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monday, march 6, 2006

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the interview wasn't so bad. i think i may have screwed up on a question or two, and there was one i couldn't even answer, but i'd rather be honest than to try to bullshit through. they wanted to know why i would want to work specifically at their school. there are 2 or 3 other schools i could answer that for, but not the one i drew for the interview. somehow, "i just need a job!" doesn't sound like a good answer, so i said i really can't answer the question. i think i've subbed there 3 or 4 times . . . last year, so it's not like i even remember anything about the school.

i'm really hoping that the principal asked me if i were interested in an upcoming long term sub position is a good sign. one of the things they asked for on the name tag was when i'd be available to start, and i wrote immediately. and, of course, i responded positively to the long term position question as well. for all i know, they'd ask me in to see how i fit and decide whether or not to hire me full time based on that. the school did say they had openings coming up in my area, which none of my preference schools have, and that transferring froggy wouldn't be an issue. getting taz over there after school might be, but we'd have to see. and if it is, oh well, i need the job before miss attitude needs her afternoons free.

they did look over my portfolio, though they couldn't read everything. they seemed just impressed, and even looked at the samples of my students' work. all good signs, i hope.

considering the number of people there and schools there, I can see why they set the "faire" up the way they did. There's no way a person could go to their 2 or 3 favorite schools and expect to get done--there'd be A LOT of line waiting and other issues, and i'm sure some schools would get most of the applicants while others would get next to none just because of where the school is located and the type of students they would get as a result. apparently they all ask the same standard questions anyway. they fill out a form with your answers, and that probably goes into your file along with everything else.

so, i survived. i couldn't tell of the woman i spoke to--one of the vice principals--was truly engaged or just being polite when she smiled. she took pretty good notes on my responses, though i think i may have over responded a few times in trying to clarify what i was trying to say. i did keep eye contact as much as possible and didn't feel at all nervous when her eyes met mine. some people just have this intimidating gaze, and she didn't, so that was good.

at this point, it's done, so all i can hope is that i did okay and that the answers that weren't what they'd like to see were still not too bad or were outweighed by the good answers.

as for the rest of my day, not too much of a celebration of survival going on here. spending some time with hubby, though i think we'll both be busy with other stuff. the teacher i'm subbing for wants me to bring a drawing/overhead i have and a graphic fill it in kind of thing i created for the phases of the moon, so i need to print up copies of those plus enough copies for the kids. then i have a huge stack of stuff i need to organize to make it easier to find what i need when i need it. the stack is quite large and should keep me pretty busy for most the rest of the day.

i am planning some non-work related stuff--a few crits, maybe some writing. but i figured today was a good day to get some things organized for work. course, doing work related stuff dooesn't necessarily get my mind off the interview, but i'm not kicking myself too badly . . . yet.

hey, survival is a good thing! and people did smile. and they did like my portfolio. let's just hope i did more than survive and manage to land a job!

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