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tuesday, march 6, 2001
trying to do it all

there is just too much going on at once for my over loaded brain and, while on the one hand i love it, it is just making me crazy in terms of trying to keep up, or just be in the reasonable proximity of keeping up. the good news is the downpour of stuff is actually motivating me to do more than "just" surf the net: now i surf with a purpose. and when i am not surfing, i am actually working on...something. typically homework (at last), but something. the deal with the homework is that i got so disgusted that i am now way late for one of my papers. she gave me some leeway, but i need to get it done soon. the research monster hasn't helped on this particular paper, but there it is. in my lap and waiting for me to get started!

most of my insanity is related to homework, particularly the above mentioned paper. i picked a topic i am interested in but can't seem to get motivated for. perhaps because it really is too broad. then there's the rain of reading pouring on my head of late. entire books in a weekend is usually not my style if i actually have to pay attention to what i am reading. fantasy books? well, depends on if i have anything else to do. i usually do so it had gone from a 2 day read to about a week, depending on what else is up. now that i read only on the bus trip to and from school, it is even higher than that. speed reader i am not and a half hour just doesn't give me much time. at any rate, i have 2 other papers i have to think about before finals as well, none of them started. the reading...well, i am behind in the class for the research paper and probably will stay that way for awhile.

just last night i started my first online game as a gm. this ought to be interesting. i have never done it and actually have ever been overly interested. but there are several people in areas where gamers are scarce and games even scarcer. so i offered a game for them. it'll be in a chat room and i guess the biggest difference is no battle maps. we shall see how it goes. thank goodness the players are enthusiastic! i already have an idea of what i will have them do, and their adventures will become a new sections in visions: the keepers of alden. this one will be a freebie.

i registered domynoes in its 2 other versions, and is up now. i will probably change server though, not sure i like where i hosted this one. i'm working on hosting, graphics, etc for .org. perhaps this was in reality unnecessary to work on, but i needed to do something so i took time out and did it. yes, the pressure is on, but at least i got to actually enjoy doing something else for awhile.

tonight is the r.l. game which is currently going quite slow, thank goodness. if i had to do everything that used to have to do to keep up with emce it would be impossible to run the game and go to school at the same time, much less do anything else.

anyone want a 14 year old who is in the prime of the "i am arguing just to argue because your explanation was quite understandable but 'no money' isn't good enough for me" stage? i'll through in one almost 11 year old who like to play with hair whenever she walks by for free. heck, they're both free.

never mind, i'll keep the 14 year old. she just found out she didn't make the ib program she wanted to get into. she's going to need some loving. but the 11 year old is still available.

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