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sunday, march 5, 2006

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i've done all i can do with the portfolio, at least for the time being. the interview is tomorrow at 9:15. i've been told not to expect much, that it's really not a big deal and, in all likelihood, probably won't even lead to a job offer right away, but i'm still a wreck. i've never had a job process take so long or be so nerve-wracking.

i wanted to cut my hair for it, but we couldn't afford it, so i'm just going to have to hope the hair is curly tomorrow rather than frizzy. then i can clip it up in this flip that looks nice as long as the hair is curly. if the hair is frizzy it looks like a poofball and i'll more than likely have to figure out a way to tame the whole mess.

i'm planning on a somewhat earlier bedtime--though i'll probably end up reading for an hour or two, and the alarm is set for about an hour later.

the only thing not quite set is my outfit. and that's no big deal--considering my choices, i seriously doubt it'll take me long to make a selection. after all, there's the skirt and the one pair of pants i bought for interviews. the rest isn't quite up to par for something that requires a nice, professional teacher look. it's not like i need (or would wear, to be honest) a 3-piece suit. and half my pairs of pants are a little snug, thanks to wal-mart sizing weirdness.

now i just have to hope i don't stumble over my words and make myself otherwise look like an idiot.

most everyone who's seen the portfolio says it's really nice--impressive even. i'm just glad i've had the long term positions i've had so i could put something other than my resumé and philosophy in it. i even managed to finish rewriting that writing class i created after talking to the principle at froggy's school. so, i have my resumé, coursework, test scores, 3 recommendation letters from teachers, my philosophy, the planning i did for the high school long term, a few things for the 6th grade science long term, the fill it in notes and tests i did for the science class, several projects and handouts and lectures i did for the high school class, samples of the high school work (which reminds me, i need to put two of the pieces in the back of the portfolio notebook), and the writing course. for someone without a certificate and who's only been subbing for about 2 years, that's quite a bit.

now, let's just hope it's enough.

okay, well, i guess it's time to shower and find my way to bed and hope i can get some sleep. my nerves have already been showing up in other ways, sleeplessness wouldn't surprise me. hopefully the habit of passing out before 2 am that i've acquired recently will be enough and i won't be up all night.

this is it! wish me luck!

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