friday, february 10, 2006

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it's been an interesting day, starting with the school i worked at today. oh, the kids were okay - the usual problems that were generally nipped in the bud early. but i didn't get my usual break today. see, most schools let the subs have whatever period the teacher has scheduled for planning as a break. exceptions are generally only when they have a class that people are rotating to cover because they have a lack of subs. the school i was at today doesn't do that. they use subs for other things as well, like secretarial work. so today i had to report in to my grade level secretary and she put me to work doing filing. by the time i got done (over and hour later), my back was in pain and i was tired. the cabinets were old, the drawers hard to open and completely stuffed, and over half the drawers i needed were near the floor. not fun. by the time hubby picked me up, i was pretty damn cranky.

not even his good surprises did much in the mood department.

the biggest surprise was the amount in our checking account. apparently the creditor that was going to confiscate our tax return didn't or couldn't or something. regardless, we got the whole thing. that added to today's child support paid our rent, cable, trash, and electricity, and made major payments to the phone, gas, the kids' school lunches, and jewel's and my cell phone accounts. saxy also pulled out money for food and gas for the next 2 weeks. we still have to make some kind of big payment to the water company, and soon, but we were expecting to be sinking on all the utilities for the next few weeks while we tried to catch up on rent. and we were able to manage a few other small things in addition to all this - like the weekly pill reminder containers for me and the kiddles, cold medicine for jewel, and so on.

the "bad" news (but actually expected because of an extra check given to us last week) was that saxy didn't get paid this week. my brother could have been nice and taken the money back a little at a time, but, no, he didn't pay saxy this week and won't pay him next week. my brother forgets that, unlike him, we aren't able to miss a week's pay - we have no way to keep from floundering, we don't have a cushion to save up for times we don't get a check. honestly, i expected this, but we're really lucky that we got that tax return.

another unpleasant surprise was getting a hospital bill that i shouldn't have. i'll have to call them and find out why i got billed instead of my insurance. i have a feeling i know what happened (i must have missed the 3 month update on our visitor status or something), but i'm hoping i can get it taken care of through my insurance anyway. the last thing i need is another $100+ bill going into arrears because i can barely keep up with our living expenses. i've got enough hate mail coming in as is.

plus our new gas bill came in. even with the gas OFF for 2 weeks and us keeping it down the rest of the time, our gas for last month was another $200!!!! i swear, i'd hate to be someone in a bigger house right about now because something is seriously wrong with those rates!

and i tried to change our phone services to reduce the phone bill and no dice. not sure what's up, but the only thing the bellsouth site would let me do is increase my monthly. i don't think so!

i just know i'm missing something - some other surprsie that came in today. i can't even remember if it encouraged the cranky mood or could have pulled me out of the cranky mood if i weren't so damn tired and sore.

actually, i'm kinda glad i'm tired and cranky and that the day is over. i don't think i could handle any more surprises right now, good or bad.well, okay, professional, paid pulication would be very nice.

now, that's a surprise that would wake me right up! ;)

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