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tuesday, february 10, 2004

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it's been a quiet, if somewhat personally busy, few days. writing, reading, critting, web work . . . all the usuals. i'm trying to learn a new mapping program, which isn't going to well but i'm sure i'll get it. did i did get psp eventually. i just get frustrated at not being able to just do it sometimes. the program is a bit on the complex side, but it's easier to manage than it was with a version i had a few years ago. i'm also still dealing with the whole norton's thing. i have a whole new bunch of online documentation to read and try to see if i can get the stupid thing fixed. apparently when i thought it fixed itself, it didn't sigh. this is truly getting inanely stupid. i'll probably uninstall again, try to get rid of every last bit of the sucker on my machine and try to reinstall again.

probably not today though.

today the winds picked up. winds are my enemy. they kick up dust and pollen spores, the two things i'm allergic to. they also seem to aggravate my asthma. so, instead of doing anything complicated that requires too much thought, i am working on notes for my world building class and hoping my allergy meds don't knock me out. not that being knocked out today would be a bad thing since i was woken up at 8:30 a.m. after not sleeping so well (for some reason, my husband kept trying to push me off the bed in his sleep and taking the covers when that failed . . . must have been some dream!), but i have a lot of stuff i want to work on and being asleep won't accomplish any of it.

heck, if i stay up now, i just might get to bed at a decent time tonight.

which just may be a case of hoping too much.

at any rate, so today i have been sniffling between yawns and yawning between sniffles and seriously trying to stay on task with my projects for the day. i realize i am more sensitive than most users, but why do allergy meds have to put you to sleep or make you groggy? isn't there a way to solve the problem and leave you awake enough to enjoy it? and it seems to be interfering with my adhd meds. i'm definitely more distracted than i should be.

bed keeps looking better and better.

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