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friday, february 13, 2004

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it's been another one of those weeks. every good thing had to have a down thing to go with it . . . or maybe down thing just had to find a way to have a silver lining, until today that is. not sure you can find a silver lining in being sick. i seem to have caught my middle girl's "not cold." "not cold" because she swears she wasn't sick when we could all hear it in her voice. you know, that nasally, congested sound a sick person gets in their voice. and a "not cold" because whatever this is, i don't think it's a cold. last i checked, your lungs don't burn when you cough if you have a cold. at least the last time I had a cold they didn't.

i haven't done as much in the things i'd like to have get done this week, but that's not to say i haven't been busy. monday i reinstalled norton's and finally got the sucker to work. i had to uninstall and cobble together instructions from 4 online documentations designed to help with specific problems, plus take the time to defrag and run scan disk (which can be quite a bit of time on a 20 gig hard drive), but when i finally installed and rebooted, i got the "your antivirius definitions have been updated" message. music to my . . . erm, eyes? anyway, i am now protected and fully updated and very happy with that. took freaking long enough.

the next day the winds kicked up and my allergies kicked in and that was pretty much it, other than the storm headache that hit mater in the day. wasn't much up to doing anything.

then wednesday night we had to move my computer. while oldest was taking a shower, the roof started to leak . . . right on top of my monitor. thank goodness for the stuffed animals that were on the top shelf of my desk . . . although my purple unicorn will never look the same after his stint in the drier. anyway, we spent most the evening unhooking, unloading, moving the desk, rehooking things up, and putting everything back. it was NOT entertaining. however, the monitor and computer are fine, and, despite the weirdness and awkwardness of it all now, the living room actually looks bigger, go figure. i really wasn't up to any writing when we were done.

yesterday was spent with hubby - i even dressed up and did the girly-girl thing and put on makeup. we went and signed the new rental agreement, then went off to lunch at tony roma's. the boy's been craving ribs. ;) so, yea, we fell off our diet in a big way yesterday, but it was nice. we had a good time over good food. unfortunately, the winds were at it again so by the time we got home i wasn't feeling so hot and i ended up sleeping for 5 hours. i even ended up canceling the world building class for yesterday. just wasn't up to doing anything except sleep.

speaking of falling, i managed to trip and fall against the corner of the wall (cat toys - i swear, they leave them in dangerous places on purpose!) and now have a huge knot in the side of my upper arm. it's turning pretty colors too - not too dark yet, but i imagine it will be wonderfully gorgeous before it's done.

and, of course, having slept most of the afternoon away, i wasn't tired enough to sleep at night. and that's probably when i really needed it because that's when the cough hit. today i guess i'll read and play on the ps2, occasionally check email, but generally try to rest. maybe if i'm lucky i can get over this quickly.

yea, that's going to happen. i've been having next to abysmal luck anyway and it's friday the 13th. anything i catch now is sure to stick around. i'll have to send one of the girls out to the store today to spend the remaining bill money (such as it is) on soup and juice and hope enough of the tax return comes in soon to cover said bills.

at this point, forget a silver lining, i just want to survive the week.

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