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thursday, february 5, 2004

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things seem to be settling somewhat. finally. thank goodness. i was able to make the minimum payments on all our bills this week. maybe we can get a bunch of stuff caught up on what's left out of our tax return after we get the car, if there's anything left. once we're caught up, the rest should be fairly easy, i'd already planned to send, basically, $25 per check received to each one. right now that's $75/month. that definitely covers more our living expense bills, the only exception being maybe the phone bill. at any rate, it was nice to be able to pay everyone what they required to keep us from being disconnected. we get another check in 5 days and i can apply yet more to all of them, then another on the 25th, so we're doing okay at the moment. and it's nice to be able to say that.

i also actually got some writing done yesterday, mostly on lectures for the world building class, but it was nice to be doing something other than putting out fires and running all over and stuff. last night i looked at the crits for the prologue and chapter 1 of the novel, blocked out the things i definitely won't be using, highlighted the stuff i know i need. i should be able to work on the prologue sometime this weekend. i want to do it now, but i really need to finish working on catching up with other stuff, like more lectures. i've also managed to retype my corrupted world building files at a pretty steady pace and they're almost done. it'll be nice to finally move on to something new.

i only have one major web project to do and i have a little time for it. i am considering a redesign of the inner pages, but i'm not sure what i want to do there yet. i was considering changing it to a corner frame, but i don't know. fortunately, once i decide it won't be much work. most of alden is in mt, so it'll be easy to use that to rebuild the pages. and there's no rush for the redesign. what's there works.

still waiting for a response from norton's, but i've been doing checks of my machine with their online virus check and everything's clean. i'm seriously considering just uninstalling norton's systemworks and picking up their antivirus when i clear some more of the credit card. the windows utilities would probably work well enough without all this other b.s. as for sytemworks, it works on saxy's machine so at least it wasn't a total loss.

best off all - the storm has moved on so my head doesn't hurt. nothing can improve your attitude more than being freed of pain. and seeing the sun helps too. i don't have sad, but i do enjoy my sunshine.

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