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so not happy
tuesday, february 3, 2004

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i was so hoping this week would be easier than last. so far it's not meant to be. it's been little stuff for the most part - child friendly interruptions every 5 minutes, a storm headache from a new storm that finally didn't just pass us by, that kind of thing. but one thing isn't little and that's my norton's systemworks. i spent over 3 hours today trying to get the damn thing to update like it's supposed to. most of that 3 hours was spent running around in circles on the technical support pages because apparently the solution they listed for the problem should have worked and it's somehow inconceivable to them that it didn't. so every time i got to the end of their "live" online support of my particular problem and it tried to route me into other possibilities, it would eventually loop back to the same steps as i just went through. i've sent them a support email and now have to wait 4 days for a response. after that i get to call and pay $30 for the damn call!

i suppose i should be happy that my machine isn't having any problems other than that. some people at amazon reported their machine became completely inoperable after installing norton's. and it does work on saxy's machine. a friend suggested doing an online update of windows and trying again. i just may do that.

obviously today ended up being completely frustrating. and last night wasn't much better. people with kids will be able to relate to this, especially when the kids are around, oh, 10 through 15 years old. there's this chatter stage they go through that can just drive a parent absolutely nuts. don't get me wrong, i love my kids, but, i have this rule: do NOT come down every 5 minutes to chatter in my ear while i am concentrating on something. if they have to, they are to write it down and tell me all at once. the other rule is to see what we are doing before they open their mouths.

now, usually the worst offender is jewel. she walks into the room talking. i think she starts talking on the stairs before she even turns the corner into the room. she doesn't know if we're in the middle of something, she doesn't pay attention to whether or not someone is already talking, she just gets started. the other kids have been known to do the same, but none of them are nearly as bad as she is about it.

until last night.

it started with youngest. froggy comes home, we chat a bit, she gives me a hug, then goes upstairs. in the next 20 minutes she came down with papers and conversation at least 3 times. she finally stays upstairs, then jewel comes home and starts doing the same. she finally settles and stops (after some comment about some teeny bopper singer i could care less about) and oldest comes home and walks in the door talking to us. then she begins the process. i ended up having to tell people to leave me alone until i was less frustrated and taking a very long break from the project i was trying to finish. and half the conversation had the obvious answer of "no" because it involved money.

i sooooo hope this week lightens up and soon.

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