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what a weekend
tuesday, february 2, 2016


this was a weekend i didn't see coming, at least not the way it happened...or quite so soon.

youngest's due date: february 26. she had an appointment on friday, and the doctor said she was at term, so if labor started, they wouldn't stop it. after the appointment, we came home for the baby shower, which was really nice: mostly couples with a few kids, good food, lots of talk, some presents, some bib/onsie decorating, and people drifted out as they needed to. not a traditional shower, but we tend to not be a very traditional family, and it worked. dinner was scrounge for yourself from leftovers, hubs crashed early, and froggy and i followed soon after.

4:30 a.m.: froggy comes in and tells me she's scared because she's cramping and there's blood. she said there wasn't a lot, so i assumed it was her mucous plug and told her it was okay and to go back to bed.

it wasn't.

9:30 a.m.: i'm awakened by loud crying. turns out she was having contractions 60-90 seconds long, 1-2 minutes apart, and hard. um, that's not just the plug and not normal at an early stage of labor. texted hubs and told he had to come home now. we get her to the hospital and she's 8-9 cm dilated!

rk was born at 11:35 a.m. january 30. he weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces and was 18" long.

and this was a first baby labor done in 7 hours from start to finish. o.O

they thought he was 3 weeks early and the labor was so fast that some of the things that usually happen didn't in this case, so they took him to nicu. his apgars were both 8's, so he wasn't in distress, they were just being cautious. they got froggy settled in her new room and he eventually followed her up, and wee were told he was actually more likely a week and a half late. no one made that final on his chart, but considering froggy's lack of certainty about her last period and all that when we found out she was pregnant, this is probably not too unlikely.

i spent saturday night with them to help as/if she needed. ronon took a bit to wake up enough to start nursing (and they're still sorting that out to some degree), but he did finally nurse and do all the things first day babies need to do to make everyone happy. i went home early sunday to get some real sleep and be with my son while hubs went to work, and we all went back for a short visit sunday evening. after getting hubs and kiddo home to go to bed, i did major shopping (groceries and an emergency "dresser" for ronon's stuff), put all that away, set up the nursery, then crashed myself. monday, hubs worked in the a.m., then we rushed back to the hospital for pictures (AH-DOR-ABLE) and to finally bring them home.

*falls over*

what a weekend. crazy hours, crazy food, just...crazy. at least we got to bring a great surprise home. :) and here he is...

isn't he a cutie? we've still got a lot to get that we thought we had more time for, but we're good for the short term. as for froggy and her "i don't want to be attached" thing...that's not working out the way she planned. not that we're going to tell her that. ;)

and while it would be nice to say at least we can now get back to normal after the crazy weekend, i suspect that cute little package we brought home will throw any idea of normal out the window. or at least have us working on a brand new kind of normal.

babies are good at that, and not only on weekends. ;)


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