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thursday, february 2, 2012

it's been one of those bumpy weeks. it looked like it would start off on the right footing, but never quite made it. i know some of that was stress, worrying about froggy, being upset over the whole business. but by tuesday, the sinus crap was also coming back, my routine was flipped upside down, and i was sleeping more than i was being awake. it could have been a touch of sad, but more than likely it was the sick and the stress. my to do lists have little crossed off, and over the last 24 hours, i've slept a minimum of 14. the good news is that between that and the cranberry juice, the crud is backing off again. going to keep up on the juice, but really need to get back on my feet otherwise.

we were supposed to start looking for a new place tomorrow, but that's been bumped as well. i don't want to look until we have the actual funds to put down on a place. we were supposed to have the tax return on the 1st, but now the irs says we won't have it until the 6th. we'd hoped to be out of here by march (and would, honestly, avoid paying rent), now we probably won't be out until april because saxy only has one day available to go hunting (tuesday), then he works 10-14 days nonstop. of course, the risk here is that we end up having to pay rent here and tank our chances to get out because we'll then be short $1000. at this point, i'm just hoping we can find a place tuesday, put the money down, and be out mid-march at the latest. also not holding my breath. i hate pushing like that, but i just can't take the risk we'll be out money we need for the billion and one things we'll have to take care of for the move.

it's going to be a little nuts. and bumpy.

we have had a few good things this week. for one, i've lost quite a bit of weight just this week alone. i ordered some clothes based on the last size i knew for sure, and it turns out i'm probably between that size and the next one down. i'll have to be in oversized stuff for a bit, since i'm not inclined to buy more any time soon, but it's kinda nice to the loss in such a visual way. before the new year, most of the stuff would have fit.

and we've had a really nice food week. that may sound odd to day, but for once our cupboards aren't heavy on grains, with meats purely for dinner, pretty much leaving us scrounging for lunches. but this week, we have food! we have fruit! i have greek yogurt! the one sad thing is most of the proteins had to be purchased with me in mind because saxy isn't home in the evenings much any more, so doesn't have a chance to cook here. this is a bit of a bump for him working on his menu for the restaurant he eventually wants to open, but he also has plenty of time to develop that, i suppose. or should eventually. maybe? i hope.

i do need to figure out how to work in the household stuff still. being out of it most of this week has bumped that. plus i have a lot of other things i work on, editing, my own writing, the web sites i manage, and so on. i'm finding time not to be so friendly for me right now, but i'm really hoping that at least some of that is because of the flipped schedule. i'm just not as productive when on a "normal" schedule. the energy just isn't there. hoping i find my footing soon. it'd kinda suck if the next month followed this past week, though i guess with an impending move, i probably should expect quite a bit more bumpety-bump over the next month or two.


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