weathered gifts
friday, february 10, 2007

i think our freaky, back and forth weather is getting to me. i know some of the headache issues are due to the fact that i'm off my meds at the moment, but some of the headaches have been really severe, migraine level crap, and that usually only happens when there's storms rolling in and out faster than my head can adjust. and that's been the georgia weather lately -- chilly all around, but sunny one day and cloudy the next. yesterday i thought for sure it would rain, but, no, it was just overcast and freezing.

it's been like this for a few weeks. clouds in and out, usually cold, occasionally warm (okay, so it was warm for maybe 2 days last week), sometimes sunny. it's no wonder i've been feeling unmotivated, headachy, and not too well of late. there's like an all over malaise that seems to be going on. not really consistently, but it's been putting me to bed early on and off for about a week now. and i mean asleep before midnight early -- anyone who knows me knows that to sleep before or 2 a.m. is practically unheard of. granted, going to bed early isn't necessarily a bad thing since i do have to be up with the kids to get them off to school most days, but i'd rather be going to bed early because i want to instead of because of not feeling well.

so, yesterday was a nasty freezing cold overcast day; today is a nippy but sunny day. still need the heater, still need the bathrobe. and it was freezing in the house when i woke up this morning. i hope our heater isn't getting ready to conk out. the downstairs is cold enough with it working, i just can't imagine how it will be when it's not working!

beyond that, saxy did get paid yesterday and we took the opportunity to pick up our valentine's presents. now, saxy and i buy presents for each other a little differently than most people. part of that is knowing each other well enough that it's almost impossible to surprise each other (a fact that's freaked out mcat more than once -- the last time that happened, he told me to just shush and let me husband "surprise" me; saxy and i couldn't help but laugh). it might help if we stopped saying, "hey, i have a surprise for you!" ;) but because of the hard to surprise thing, we tend to buy for ourselves more often than not. or ask what the other person wants and order it off amazon or something. the exception is when the other person has been talking about something wanted for quite some time -- then we just order/buy it.

anyway, with the bills we'd planned to pay all paid, i called my man yesterday while he was at work and asked what he wanted for valentine's day. at first he didn't know. then i read a few things off his amazon most wanted wish list and he picked out a few inexpensive things. it was harder, for some reason, for me to figure out what to get off mine. it's not usually a problem, but the one thing i've been trying to get a hold of (which we had at one time, but saxy sold to get some extra cash when we needed it awhile back) is too damn expensive new and i won't buy games used. any disk type product used makes me nervous. but ffvii new starts at $125 now, and that's just too damn much for a game, even a game i really want. anyway, saxy picked out a couple of more inexpensive dvd's and i, as usual, picked up some books (one which should help with the current novel in progress) -- not that i need any more books to read. i mean, really, my unread stack is just a bit on the scary side. but there really wasn't much else i wanted, not even on my most wanted list. and, if i know saxy, he'll probably go pick up the one album i've been thinking about for awhile now anyway, just cuz we do stuff like that for each other, especially if what the person wants doesn't cost all that much.

we did discuss the dragon*con tickets being our valentine's gifts, but we won't go to dragon*con until august/september, so that's closer to a birthday present. we just had to buy now while the prices were down. by the time it came time to purchase for birthdays, the tickets would be $70 or $85. not that much of a hick per ticket, but a huge hike when you're buying two! i've actually been planning to apply as a guest for writing related panels, but the guest registration isn't up yet. it seems odd to me that they wait until after the price hikes to put up the registration forms -- what if they decide you don't qualify as a guest? they won't give you the earlier rates on memberships, i'm sure. and i doubt they're going to refund my $50. :P if they accept me as a guest panelist this year, though, i should be able to register as such every year as long as i keep publishing.

it's finally warming up a bit, and it's late enough that i should get started on writing and related work. today i expect to move on to the next phase of the new novel. that's more exciting to me than clear weather and valentine's gifts! ;)

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