same old drama
friday, february 9, 2007

this week has been pretty quiet despite things like the hand specialist and the interview. in fact, any drama at all has been in the same old things -- finances and mcat. and the finances are only bad because we've had to get into the money saxy's dad sent for the car just to survive since saxy wasn't paid last friday. to be fair, nobody was paid, and mcat says his own account is taking a beating right now, but he's also supposed to be taking off this weekend . . . again. either his account isn't as bad off as he's said, or his wife is paying for whatever trip they're going on. stupid moment of the week: mcat calling to tell us he's broke too. as if he's in the same boat we are. sorry, dude, being broke once in a great while (and still able to take off for the weekend) is in no way similar to the constant fight we have just to keep everything paid and everyone fed. forget new clothes, which everyone needs, we just want to make sure everyone is fed. i doubt my brother has the same worries.

wednesday went well -- better than either saxy or i thought it would. he was concerned about picking up the x-rays that we had to take with us, but that actually worked out well. there was a time crunch, managed by dropping me off to pick up the x-rays and one of taz's prescriptions while saxy took the kids to school. traffic was a mess so i called to say we might be late, but we actually got there pretty much on time. the only real drama was that the truck didn't fit under the sign showing what height car can go into the parking structure.

the appointment itself went well, though i did see like 4 or 5 different people, including the doctor. the intern i understood, it was everyone else that went beyond my understanding. but at least no one pushed the finger past my pain tolerance, which, admittedly, isn't much. turns out the woman who took care of the injury was not only wrong about there not being an injury, but also shouldn't have splinted the damn thing -- the splint is contributing to the problem i'm having at the moment. the doctor says that the chip fracture itself (which i got to see on the x-ray -- it was a tiny, little thing right in the joint) is probably healed by now. the lack of flexibility is from damage to the soft tissue and now i have to get that soft tissue working again.

so, the splint is off and i have a paper with fist type exercises i need to do. the problem is i can't bend my pinkie far enough to put it into a fist, so i'm doing stretching type exercises. you know, when you stretch a muscle until you reach that little bit of tightness/pain and hold it for a bit, relax, then do it again? it's not fun, but i figure it's the best way to start getting that bendability back. hopefully in a week or two i can do the fist exercises at least a little. i'm supposed to go back in next month for a follow-up and see if i need physical therapy. they also offered a cortisone shot. did that with a knee awhile back, and needles inside the joint and i get along even less than needles and i in general, so i said no. he also offered to numb it and bend it himself. even with the numbing involved, that sounded painful, so i also said no. i might be taking my time, but there's less pain involved all the way around.

we had just enough time, when we got home, for me to get ready to go to the interview. prettied myself up all around and off we went. when we got the school, we had to spend almost 10 minutes using one of those lint rollers to remove cat hair. i love my cats, but they turn even neutral colored clothing into a fur nightmare. even when we turn clothes inside out, the fur gets everywhere.

i think the interview went well. i enjoyed talking with her, even though it was a bit odd talking to a person with the same name as a character from one of my fantasy novels (and my character names are not all that common -- this is the first time i've ever heard of anyone with this particular name). she told me a bit about how the school is run, which is definitely different than most the other schools in the district. granted, they do have some common elements, such as the 2 or 4 person teams, but the school is over twice the size the average middle school in the district, so it has to be run a little differently. and i actually like the way they run, to be honest.

most middle schools in the district have 3 "communities" -- one for each grade level. this means the kids are managed by 3 different assistant principles over their middle school years. this school, because it has 29,000 students, has 5 communities, and each community is run like it's own mini-school with all 3 grades in it. they make every effort to keep kids on the same community, thus the same a.p. will deal with the student throughout his or her middle school years. this provides stability for the student. they also have effort grades, which is a bit different and i can see the need for -- when work is late but still a or b work, it's not the work itself that's the problem, but the effort it took to get it in on time. that will be something to get used to, but i'm flexible and always up for something new.

beyond all that, the earliest i'll hear anything is next month, and she promised to call me either way. if things are good and they have the openings they need for the number of people they want to hire, i'll go in for a second interview. i've been back and forth about how i feel about going full time, but i think i would like working in this school. froggy wouldn't get the benefit of following the same community since she would only be there for 8th grade if i got the job, but that aside, the school is one of the better ones in the district, and i think she deserves time at a good school. the school itself is a bit on the intimidating side just because of its size, but she'd be okay since i'd be there. i just hope i did well enough to get that second interview. as for the other school that called, the only date they had set aside for interviews was the 7th and i just didn't have that kind of time. supposedly they'll be doing more interview dates, so we'll see. getting this job is the first step towards getting free from the disaster that's mcat, but i'm still leery of working in a school i'm not sure i'd be happy at since the contract would be for 3 years.

as for all that, most the drama there is in the personal sphere. he's actually really getting on saxy's nerves at the moment. not only was there the call about "how does it feel to be broke?" (*rolls eyes*), but he's not asked about either appointment at all. not when he called. not when he saw saxy the next day. and i might be "whatever" when it comes to my brother, but this has really upset my husband. i reminded him that since mcat doesn't treat me as family, he obviously doesn't see me as his sister, so this kind of reaction is to be expected. i think i'm just some sort of fixer-upper project for him or something. still, it was kinda nice to see saxy so upset on my account. sometimes he's so low key and keeps everything inside so much, it's hard to tell what he's thinking.

so, all in all, a pretty good week. minimal pain, interview looked promising, even the writing is going well. the housekeeping still needs some work, but we're managing. and, actually, it wasn't the same old drama, really, since the finances are doing okay, even if for the wrong reasons. we even paid for our dragon*con memberships (we're putting all of my last check into the car to cover the memberships and some of the other expenditures that have hit the money saxy's father sent us for the car). mind you, we won't be able to take not being paid for too much longer, so the hope is everything works out today as it's supposed to and pay checks are indeed given out, which all depends on the builders paying their contracts like they're supposed to.

okay, so maybe it is the same old drama, just a different take.

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