totally frustrated
monday, february 5, 2007

until my jackass of a brother is no longer in our lives at all, it looks like we can't count on anything good happening here. the idiot just managed to completely toast our tax return. how? by sending us TWO 1099 forms for my husband that totaled $28k. according to my husband's records, he only made between $16-$17k. what's the extra 11,000? moneys my brother, for whatever reason, put on my husband's check to give to someone else.

his solution to the mess? he'll pay for an accountant to do our taxes. translation? we'll pay and he'll reimburse us whatever he feels like fucking reimbursing us because he's never paid anything in full when he's said he'll pay for it.

cases in point? disneyland last year. he called us and called us and wouldn't take no for an answer and even said he would pay for us to get and on and on. we gave in, took the kids down there, we get there and he says, "oh, put it on your credit card and i'll reimburse you on saxy's next check." we didn't even fucking want to be down there in the first goddamn place and now he tells us to cover it and he'll reimburse? THEN he doesn't even pay everything back. his treat, my ass. when you treat someone, you disclose what you are treating for so they can decide whether or not they can pay for the stuff you're not treating for. and then you damn well pay for it when it's due, not later so you can argue about the amount to be paid.

next case in point: dinner at the longhorn. he invites, says he'll pay, we spend hours looking for a longhorn only to find the one we could find wasn't the one he wasn't talking about. we call him, he's already eaten. "just go ahead and eat, and i'll reimburse you on his next check." when he gets the bill, "oh, that's too much for dinner for two! i'm only going to give you this much!" our total bill? $70.

then there's the truck that's a "gift" that he's going to try to not have us pay for and then turns around and charges us fucking $200 a month.

so, yea, i suspect this is all freaking bullshit. he'll make us pay, then reimburse us whatever he feels is appropriate rather than for the whole office visit. and i suspect it won't even help get us the $3400 he just lost us on the return! actually, he lost us the entire $4000 since what we will get will only have to be turned around to pay the damn state.

i'm to the point where i suspect all this bullshit is on purpose. no one can be so consistent with their ability to torpedo things without planning it.

and my poor husband has to keep him away from me because i'd probably lose him his job. he comes into my house and i'm telling him to get the fuck out. he's NOT my brother. he's just someone i have the misfortune of being related to.

i hate very few people in my life. my ex mother-in-law who verbally and psychologically abused me. one manipulative user who tried to call herself friend and stole a boyfriend and was a pure bitch even when helped out. that's it. my brother is fast approaching being added to this list. very fast.

so, we got some money from saxy's dad to help with the car, some of which ended up having to help with us eating this week and paying bills since no one got paid. my last check will be added to that, and any other money we need, even if we end up short on rent. we are getting one new car, then we are shoving his truck back up his damn ass. hopefully soon after, i'll get ft/p, and an end to our "need" for this jerk will be in sight. saxy can then take a totally different job and we can tell my brother to kiss his ass good-bye. it can't happen too soon, i'm telling you.

in the meantime, saxy is not to take any more "favors" from mcat. he's not going to have any money put on his checks other than what belongs on his checks. we aren't asking for or accepting any "additional" cash or gifts or anything else. no extras at all, period. not even lunch out, since mcat probably would take it off saxy's check and we can't afford that right now. my husband works for him gets paid for what he works, and that's it.

i may never be able to finish or sell a novel because i have to work and teaching is a hell of a lot more than just doing your job on the job site. it takes time from everything. but, right at this moment, i'm not even sure i care. all i want is away from this farce my brother is calling help. all i want is out of this mess he's managed to put us in.

i know it's not all his fault. shit, we're obviously stupid if we thought this help was coming because he actually cared. and we're obviously total morons ourselves if we kept believing him and his "promises" to help and not hold it against us in anyway. we're obviously the ones with a problem if we kept believing the lies and bullshit he'd spin to get his way. and the only thing i can think he gets out of it, other than having my husband to treat like shit at work, is pay back. pay back for the stupid crap we did as kids to each other. he's paying me back for the pain he suffered, forgetting that i was a fucking screwed up 13-15 year old with screwed up parents who abandoned the whole parental thing and forgetting that he fucking gave as good as he got.

yes, i'm frustrated. i want this over. i want to cut all ties to the bastard. no way short of the lottery that's likely to happen, because this is my brother and my brother can torpedo just about anything, apparently.

forget working his way onto the list. yea, he's definitely there. and i hate that as much as anything else. like everything else, he's even managed to torpedo the relationship we should be trying to build right now. i want nothing more to do with him. and as soon as we can finally get out, you better believe the only thing he'll ever see from me is a monthly check to pay off what we "owe" him for all his "help and gifts."

and if i ever get to that point, you better believe there will be and ending. the last check will be the last check, no matter what he says. he will not get us forever. i won't let him. period. he asks about it, i'll just tell him it's the protion of all his supposed help that i decided to reimburse him for -- the rest he'll just have to live with not getting back despite any promises to the contrary. after all. he's done it to us so many times, he should be used to the damn concept by now.

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