no super bowl
sunday, february 4, 2007

yes, saxy will be watching it, but no super bowl commentary here other than to say there will be no super bowl commentary here. yes, i know i'm a heathen.

already i'm settling into homely life. i have a schedule kinda set up so i can get some much needed exercise in every day, my writing, house keeping, and, of course, kid care. if i don't schedule these things, they won't get done, but i do wish in a small way that this had been decided on a little later. it's been freaking cold around here lately and my exercise plan is to walk around the neighborhood since it has hills and windy streets and doing so works well with getting taz off to school in the a.m. and doesn't require me to move furniture in my living room to find some space to do anything. perhaps the cold will inspire me to work a little more when i get in.

yea, right. it'll more likely inspire me to dive under the blankets and never come out. :P

i'm really looking forward to having the time off from work, even if it's temporary. i already feel like i'm filling up with my writing, and it feels good. it's nice to be around with the family and not have some stress about an assignment going on in the back of my mind. saxy's gotten a little nervous about it, but i think his discomfort has more to do with longer hours around mcat than anything. it's not that he hates mcat, he's annoyed with him and his antics. this week, mcat didn't get paid by a builder, so no one in his employ got paid either. and while i understand it to some degree, this week saxy's check was only a couple of hundred dollars and i'm sure mcat could have covered it. if it hadn't been for saxy's dad sending us money for a car (so we can get rid of the $600/month truck), we'd have had no money for food or the utilities that needed to be paid.

and this is a case where me being employed might have helped except i get paid monthly, not weekly.

my last day was both exciting and sad. i had very good kids, so i wasn't completely crazed by the end of the day and it ended up being good in that respect, but i will miss some of the teachers i've known for the last couple of years. they all understand why i'm stopping, of course -- i mean, why pay for me to work for one. for two, i've been giving more than 100% and haven't gotten ft/p yet. no one gets that at all, and they're all really hoping this interview will end up with me being employed. they're also sad because, as one of them said to someone who asked about which subs know what they're doing: "domynoe is the only one." in some ways, i'm sorry to leave them without a competent sub, but i have to do what i need to do for me and my family.

speaking of interviews, another school called as well, wanting an interview for the same day. the same day will be impossible since i'm also seeing the hand specialist that day and i'm nervous enough about doing that plus one interview. i'm pretty sire the doctor is going to try to bend the unbendable finger, which is going to be excruciating, so i can only hope i'm not a wreck at the appointment later. which is why the doctor is 9 am and the interview is 2pm. hopefully i'll have recovered by then. as for the second call, i'm not too thrilled with the school, but will see if they can delay the interview a week. if not, the no skin off my nose; if so, then saxy and i will really need to talk about it if they ask me to work ft/p there. i just don;t want to choose a school that i'll be unhappy at for the next 3 years.

the scary thing is, if these 2 schools have called, i'm almost certain others will as well. so i'm really hoping school number one likes me and hires me right away. that will make the choice easy, yes?

there's been other things going on other than our continuing saga of no money and my continuing misery at work and saxy's aggravation with his work, most of which fit into little sound bites. i may not make it to hawaii after all -- the problem with housing and finance that kitten and trin though was settled wasn't and she had to try to fix it this week. her tax return looks good, but it all may go to housing. froggy got caught cheating and got a good dressing down for it, but there's been other issues at the school that weren't addressed until i wrote a note about it, and even then her homeroom teacher wasn't the one who took care of it. jewel decided to completely flunk an important test and we got a call from the teacher involved. it's been agreed to pull her out of a.p. if the school will let it happen. linnorm is getting involved in both situations and contacting the schools.

which all only points out that even when i'm not working, there will always be something to talk about here. kids seem to do that to parents.

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