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tuesday, february 4, 2003

i've been thinking of doing this one for some time now, and since my muse seems quite absent when it comes to real writing, today seemed as good a day as any (even if this isn't one of my favorite designs). here i present you with, my 100 things (which i hope can include the obvious).

» i was born the year camelot for the u.s. died

» have been twice married, 3 times engaged

» went back to college after a 10 year break

» then graduated with a 3.541 gpa - and the degree has finally posted

» didn't find out i was adhd until i became anemic

» made myself anemic pursuing my a.a. in early childhood studies (very dumb move)

» my memory has a 5 minute life span, sometimes less

» i started writing when i was about 10

» quit writing seriously when i was about 15 and someone told me i didn't have a chance of getting published because everyone was trying to write the great american novel

» started writing seriously again about 2 or 3 years ago and it feels like i should have been here all along

» dreaming in ink is my second writer's group - the first, the writers circle, folded in less than a year (dreaming is a year in 3 months)

» i think in video

» music is my inspiration and my world i'm creating for my writing has a sound track

» there's a lot of creed in that soundtrack

» but i like music across the board from enya and beethoven to metallica, nine inch nails, and white zombie

» i am not much of a tv or movie person - far too picky for my own good

» but hubby is turning me into a tv addict anyway: crossing jordan, 24, enterprise, american dreams, even law & order

» have wanted to see steve miller band in concert and the play cats for years but got lingerie instead

» the music i don't like includes 99.9% of rap and country and all opera

» used to like the bay city rollers and still wants their next to last album (hey, bcr and bowie once did the exact same song with the exact same tune)

» i have always been a night owl

» can't sleep longer than 5 or 6 hours without waking up with a severe backache

» get cold hands and feet easily

» eat ice but can't stand water to drink

» have a sweet tooth extraordinaire

» need to lose at 100 pounds

» hate exercise

» love a good book

» play advanced dungeons & dragons 2nd ed, shadowrun 2nd ed, and vampire

» gm ad&d and shadowrun

» have a collection of gaming dice that includes 81 standard 6-sided dice in 10 different colors and 3 different sizes; 7 mismatched 8-sided dice; 33 red and black 10-sided dice; 14 sets of dice (each with at least 1 4-sided, 1 6-sided, 1 8-sided, 2 10-sided, 1 12-sided, and 1 20-sided die), which includes 6 set of mini dice; and 1 30-sided die

» yes, i counted them; no, you can't have any ;)

» i collect coffee mugs, but don't drink coffee

» have 6 dragon statuettes on my desk shelves (yes, i collect them too)

» and an old a&w mug full of bookmarks (yes, i collect those too)

» have a ton of stuffed unicorns and bears, a raccoon, a bunny, a couple of tigers, and a garfield - all of which just sorta happened without actively collecting them

» prefer fantasy for my reading, but will try just about anything bookwise

» seem to have collected more of my textbooks than i will ever open again

» own about 200 cd's - my husband probably owns another 200

» need more room in my house and more books shelves against the walls

» i like dangly earrings

» don't like big rings or necklaces (the necklaces always make me feel like i'm choking)

» am claustrophobic

» prefer loose clothing

» stopped wearing heals awhile ago

» ditto for make up - although that is subject to change of circumstance and finance

» love christmas

» hate the commercialism

» ditto for valentine's day

» and i don't celebrate too many other holidays except our anniversary (which falls on new year's eve) and the kids' birthdays when we can

» i love my son just the way he is, autism and all

» am about to have my first poem published online, and it's about my son - and i think it's very fitting that dreaming is my first publisher and the poem for my son is my first published piece

» once dreamed of being a singer

» and a tv/movie star

» and decided i didn't want to deal with the "casting couch"

» i have always loved to dance

» and am sad that i can't do it much any more - too big with too many physical issues (slow dancing still works though)

» i used to get through a novel in 2 days or less

» now it takes me 3 or more

» i am allergic to mold and house dust

» and used to get allergy shots

» but quit when my arms bruised and hurt for 3 days afterwards

» i am severely allergic to needles (getting blood drawn is a real trick, babe!)

» always wanted one more baby

» but got fixed because my poor body couldn't take any more

» and am okay with that

» i sleep in the nude, even in winter

» but am married to a living heater so stay warm regardless

» was a virgin when i got married (the first time, silly)

» i was once a bitter, hateful, angry, manipulative person (a million years it, at least it seems like it)

» and used to be suicidal

» and i credit god with the changes, even though i don't talk about my faith much (i have my reasons)

» now i am content with myself, even though there are things in my life i would like to change

» but i still fight insecurity, especially when it comes to my writing

» i used to draw, but it's been 10 years

» i hated math before college

» but aced every class when i went back to school

» i never smoked anything, never got drunk, never did any illegal drugs (yes, people like me do exist!)

» have had less than a dozen sex partners

» wish it was even less than that

» but still have no regrets

» my favorite colors are teal and burgundy, my least favorite colors are yellow and orange

» i used to be involved with the site fights: i've been a fighter, fairy (& lady), spirit coordinator, team assistant, and team leader (i loved it but am glad i'm no longer involved, thank you very much)

» my names for the above were: domynoe-dragon, d'cat fairy (and lady d'cat), d'mystical, d'scribe, and lothlindorie (thank god i'm just domynoe now!)

» jobs i've held: paper girl, fast food, k-mart "associate," interior designer, tutor, web designer

» majors i've had: psychology, early childhood studies, communication, english

» minors i've had: psychology, communication

» what i would like to finish in the future: minor in psychology, major in communication

» what i've earned: and a.a. in early childhood studies (with distinction) and a b.a. in english/creative writing (with distinction)

» what i want to do now: get my masters of fine arts in fiction

» i dream of being a paid, published author and teaching at the university level

» i write primarily fantasy

» but want to try my hand at magical realism, women's lit, and a few other things, maybe even eroticism

» but i'm shy about sex (perhaps more see it as a personal thing)

» i can't even talk dirty

» i never said i made sense

» i try to be honest with everyone, including myself (and when i haven't, i've learned to go back to this particular thing)

» i try to live without masks and to be who i am

» some people say i am a strong and/or amazing woman (and i appreciate the support these people give me)

» i say i just do what i need to do one day at a time.

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