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paper stress
friday, february 7, 2003

it was one of those days. i was up late with a rather productive night but didn't quite get enough sleep and had an early class to teach at dreaming (early for me anyway). the ex called to verify the time he was to pick me to go to the university and deal with even more paperwork related to the b.a. then came the class and trouble started almost immediately when my browser kept illegaling.

the whole chat thing is getting truly annoying. in our current chat, i cannot copy and paste from the applet to another page, so i have been working on student responses manually and adding them to my notes before posting the transcripts to the forum. fortunately the classes have been small, so it hasn't been a big deal, but i do have a larger class coming up and would really rather not have to do the transcripts by hand. and, after 2 browser crashes today, our current chat is frustrating me to no end. so i went searching. nearly every free chat i found that i could load on the site was a java applet. worse, they ALL crashed all 3 of my browsers. i found one chat that is a script and tried to follow the instructions, but they were just not well enough written to begin with. add my frustration and it quickly became a disastrous effort in futility.

the trip to the university was a waste. you do the exit interview online or you have to go to the campus on a specific day at a specific time. i do not understand why they can't just administer a test and let you fill out all the paperwork at the student accounts office, but whatever.

add the bills that are piling up (hubby's efforts to find work are going nowhere fast - there's nothing out here - and i'm 2 years away from permanent full time work no matter if i teach high school or college) and you have one very cranky domy.

i have to force myself to face the piling paperwork on my school loans (deferment and consolidation), my housing recertification, and now this stuff with the university and at least get that much off my mind. being avoidant is probably only making things worse. i just hate paperwork.

i'm going to go sulk with the chocolates the ex brought over. chocolate solves almost everything.

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