friday, march 9, 2007

so, i'm back, alive and well and as a new grandmama. i have plenty i want to write about, but i won't get to it tonight. heck, i won't get to it all in one entry! and things will be pretty mangled timeline wise when i do manage to post since the baby is the last event and will probably be the first written about. for now, though, know much is brewing over here, and not just in me posting about the trip and the baby and stuff!

there is more jewel trouble that needs to be dealt with, at least temporarily, by us since she's not 18 yet so still our responsibility. i'm not 100% sure what's going on yet -- she did get kicked out of where she was at but not through any fault of her own (the couple is divorcing and the father is getting the house or something and he told her she couldn't stay any more, or something along those lines). the timing is problematic, there's another move coming, school issues, and all kinds of weirdness i need to sort through and make sense of.

that tax problem is still hanging and will have to be dealt with . . .

. . . as soon as i clean up my desk. it was neat, then my flight was delayed a day and in those 24 hours things quickly fell apart. lots of cleanup waiting.

froggy apparently started slacking grade-wise again and is also coughing again. i have to take care of updating their visitor status before she can see anybody. i'm kinda hoping it's merely another cold and not another bought of bronchitis, but not holding my breath.

course, i don't blame her too much on the slacking since we're in another family upheaval with me coming home and jewel back in the house for however long that will take.

vagner is showing u.t.i. symptoms again. we know this is mostly our fault since we took him off the (very expensive!) food he was supposed to be eating. we're going to get him back on it asap and hope that clears it up. if not, back to the vet with him. with all the other financials hanging over our heads, we're not looking forward to another round of vet visits and are really hoping the diet will help take care of it. either way, we're not letting it go as long as it did last time now that we know what the symptoms are.

on an up note, he must have missed me muchly since he snuggled down with me most of the time i was in bed "napping" this afternoon and evening.

unpacking was easy, now comes the laundry and putting away. saxy and kids got their christmas gifts and are all very happy.

cleaning, and not just the desk, though that is the major chunk. it's not that they didn't keep the house clean -- it's the normal wear and tear that we always deal with at the end of the week. and when do i get home? end of the week, of course! to make matters worse, oldest has shamed me with my housekeeping. granted, that won't last long with baby, but, still . . . .

no call for the job yet. i don't know how long to wait before i call back and find out if there's even a small chance at that second interview. she promised to call either way, so i suppose sometime towards the end of the month.

financial catch up . . . again.

so, yea, lots of stuff brewing here at home beyond the trip and baby stuff. it's going to be quite a few days as i try to get all caught up with all the drama and try to figure out which way is up on more than one issue.

in the meantime, the first baby pictures can be found here. there's only 2. they suck because they were taken with phone cameras. but there you go. one perfect, healthy, grandbaby, :)

more will be posted later, plus pics from the trip itself (well, from 1 day of the trip itself), as soon as i get things developed.

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