sorting . . . sorta
sunday, february 18, 2007

some things are starting to sort out a bit . . . sorta. life always seems to leave some things unsorted, but most of them can (and will have to) be dealt with later.

my oldest managed to get everything arranged and paid for, so this time next week, i'll be getting on my flight to hawaii to spend 10 days with her. well, closer to 8 or 9 days since i'll be gone 11 days total but nearly 2 of those days are being spent on planes. i leave bright and early next sunday, layover in dallas for worth (which i hear is an unpleasant place to layover), then go on to honolulu. i leave on the evening of the 7th and arrive here on the afternoon of the 8th. the hope is that the baby will be born while i'm there so i can help my girlo at least for the first few days of motherhood, but we all know how babies are.

there will be a bunch of issues for me to deal with when i get back. saxy didn't get paid last week, so, again, a bunch of things had to be delayed in getting paid. some of them we'll manage before i leave. some of them i'll probably have to take are of via phone while i'm gone. others have to wait until i'm back. one of those issues looks to be transferring my son's money into the checking account so saxy can pay the rent. i'm going to call the bank this week and find out how to set up a transfer slip so he can use it, but there may be issues no matter what we do. we'll see.

the new vehicle has become a must, and it may have to wait as well. mcat finally sold the truck and it should be picked up sometime in the next week or so. my check doesn't get here until after i'm gone. saxy will have access to the funds right away since they auto deposit, but it may still leave him a few days not working. and with the taz's money possibly inaccessible, he may need my last paycheck to help pay rent.

and, of course, hub is freaking out about all of this and managed to make me less excited about going to see my daughter in the process of freaking out. forget that we always manage to work our way through things, that we always manage to make it. really, my man needs to learn to not be so negative about stuff. will it be easy when i get back? no. obviously there are some things that will have to be sorted out. will we make it through it all. probably. we've had tougher times and we've never been on the streets yet.

besides, everyone except mcat probably knows saxy wouldn't mind a vacation,paid or not. he'd rather have paid, but since mcat has saxy listed as an independent contractor, paid ain't happening.

we were going to try to have the taxes done by the time i left, but it's gotten too complicated even for me. saxy has 2 1099 forms. when i changed his income from a w-2 to 2 1099's, we suddenly owed nearly $3000. and i can't find the place to put in the 1099 where he gave someone part of their paycheck. and i'm not even sure how to do the whole freaking deductions for my writing (i earned nothing last year -- sold one piece but it won't pay till publication this year, and my royalty check for
distant passages didn't come in until january, so, no money earned, lots of money out) and teaching expenses, gas, and everything else. i finally threw up my hands in despair yesterday and told saxy we have to go to h & r block because i just can't do this myself. granted, we have until april to get this mess taken care of, but it would have been nice to have it done now, with money coming back. now it looks like we'll be lucky to break even. with that in mind, as far as i'm concerned, taxes can wait.

when i get back, we'll get the car and saxy will start looking for another job. hopefully he can find something full time in evenings so he can drop this contractor thing to part time. i'm also hoping to hear from the school i interviewed with for a second interview. we don't always get the best case scenario, but i'm really hoping we do this time. there's lots of issues with all that as well (like taz's social security being cut off because we will definitely be making over $3000/month if i get my job and saxy keeps his two), but we can manage. we always have. things just have a way of sorting themselves out.

(and, really, i am excited about seeing the daughter, no matter how freaked out the hub is. i'm just hoping grandbaby will be on time -- or at least get her little self born while i'm there. *grin*)

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