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monday, february 19, 2007

everyone's home today, even the husband. he needs a paycheck so he can get the gas to go to work, or he needs a ride and didn't manage to contact anyone in time last night. regardless, it's a full house, which isn't a bad thing. froggy is finishing up her chores, taz is playing "over the hedge", i've
started packing and am working on writing related things, and the hub is setting up my fake (cheap!) ipod for the trip. it's quiet, casual, and kinda nice to be together even if we're each doing our own thing. we get so few days like that.

i'm going to spend this week getting ready to go, which actually involves more than packing. the house needs to be cleaned up since i won't be around to help froggy and i don't want her overwhelmed with everything at once. i'm trying to get all my admin stuff completely caught up at dii and i'm finishing up crits for the current challenge. i have a story i'm waiting on final crits for so i can get it sent out to a pro market by friday. tomorrow i call the bank about how to work out a transfer my husband needs to help pay the rent. laundry needs to be done near the end of the week so i can have clean clothes. i'm even hunting down things this week -- like these transparent, plastic envelopes i've used in the past to hold paperwork that all seem to have vanished into the great unknown. paperwork that saxy may need has to be found and put out where he can find it -- account numbers to make any payments that need to be made while i'm gone and so on. and then there will be the normal stuff of getting the kids off to school on time and such. they're still working on our street (after promising that it would b finished at the end of last week), so that means i'm still walking taz to a new stop and picking him up every day. so lots of bits and pieces stuff going on this week.

which means not a lot of writing or much else. i'm sure i'll manage something -- those two crits, at least 1 or two revisions, maybe a few words on my newest novel endeavor, but nothing lengthy. just too much else going on and to do. a lot of my writing will be going with me for those "off" moments, if there are any, including
assassin's. i'm hoping to get enough crits on the first chapter or two this week to be able to take it with me ad try to work out the issues i was having with my previous revisions. hopefully i've set it aside long enough that a novel burning isn't in the near future.

i'm trying to figure out which books to take with me for the plane trip. i have a pretty hefty epic fantasy i've been reading that i'd probably still be reading when i got back even if it was the only book i read on the way there and back, but i need breaks from it on occasion since it's a very deep read. i'll probably take my detective research book, which i'm really enjoying. other than those two, i've got quite a few choices, but i don't know if i should take more than that. maybe the vampire book saxy picked up for my birthday last year. i've been trying to find a time to read it.

i'm not sure how much off time i'll actually have out there -- from the phone calls, it sounds like kitten has plans for me. one thing we're still trying to find is a native hawaiian cuisine restaurant. seems to be a lot of other foods available in wahiawa, but the native cuisine is scarce, which strikes me as odd. but the one thing i really want to try is native hawaiian foods. and maybe go to a luau. somehow, saxy and i will have to find time and money to pick up a few disposable cameras so i can take pictures while i'm out there.

definitely better enjoy today while i can. it looks like down and writing time are going to be scarce until after i get back some time (since there's going to be a few messes to clean up then). all them bits and pieces add up to lots of time being eaten up.

one sad side note: will be shutting down by the end of the month. it figures that just when i get into the top 10 on clix, it would close. it's sad, but the site really hasn't been updated since 2004, longer in some places. once the site goes, i'll pull my clix button, but not before. another piece of net history about to disappear. it will be missed.

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