last minute
saturday, february 24, 2007

tomorrow i'm off to hawaii to see kitten. from the sound of it, grandbaby won;t be born until after i leave -- mama-to-be isn't anywhere near ready to give birth. they might do an induction, but they'd wait a week after the due date, which is something like the day i leave or a day or two before i leave or something. this might be a recurring theme in her life -- always last minute. ;)

anyway, everything is pretty much packed. we have a few last minute things to pick up that we forgot last night -- a toothbrush, something for my feet. nothing major, which is good -- we spent a fortune on stuff at target yesterday (not all of it for the trip, we also picked up shoes for froggy and a few other things). saxy apparently wanted us to do something today but we spent too much last night to, which is fine with me, actually. i've been tired lately and don't want to be even more tired than i will be after getting up at 6 a.m. tomorrow. i'm happy enough with a few movies and dinner at home and time with the family. some saxy home cooking before i go would be wonderful.

we did sort out the transfer issue with the bank. i signed in front of a manager so saxy can bring the transfer slip back and take care of it, which is good. he didn't get paid again this week. even mcat is seriously pissed now and has stated that he'll never work with this builder again. apparently the builder didn't think things like 5-piece crown (versus 3-piece crown) was extra and that mcat had overbid the project, so mcat brought the price down, and now all this crap with paying the invoices on time. but at least the transfer thing worked out so saxy will have the money for the rent. that's one major worry off my mind while i'm away. anything else i can handle by phone if saxy calls me about it, but the transfer and rent, he had to be able to take care of those without me.

beyond that, everything is pretty much ready to go. did some last minute laundry to pack a couple of pair of pants, finishing up the last minute cleaning that would get ignored if i weren't here, and so on. we're waiting for saxy to get home from showing the truck to someone so we can decide what we're doing this evening.

which we've now done. one thing about jewel showing up last minute (or any minute, for that matter), she manages to disrupt the household even without starting a fight. she's managed to completely throw everything off, taken my time away from everything i'm trying to get done. i'm not sure how she manages it, but she's a little storm wherever she goes and chaos follows in her wake. it's kinda scary, actually. even planning for her presence doesn't help much. we'd sorta planned for her to be here so i could sign her progress report (and i won't even get into that).

and then, after planning tonight with her being her, she decides last minute to go home and dye her hair. priorities, you know. hair is so much more important than spending time with mom before she takes off. hope she doesn't need anything from me while i'm gone, because she's managed to irritate saxy so much that i doubt he'll take care of anything for her. the sad thing is she used to be the one he got along with.

of course, life will probably throw one more thing at us and we'll end up with one more last minute thing to deal with. but we've managed to take care of what we could, and that's about all a person can do.

assuming no last minute changes or delays, this time tomorrow i'll be on my way out of dallas forth worth to see my kitten! weeeeeeeeeee!

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