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friday, march 24, 2006

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home sick today. meh. probably could have accepted a sub spot today, but i didn't know that last night when all i wanted to do was sleep. the kids have been catching some 24 hour thing, but this is definitely different. they catch it, throw up, are home one day, and pretty much on their feet the next. i'm going on day 3 or 4, no throwing up (thank god!), and definitely didn't get back on my feet in 24 hours.

i think i've mentioned before that i despise being sick.

in this case, however, it may have been a good thing. one of my calls last night was for a long term opening that's available now. the downside: it's at a high school. the upsides: honors seniors and an immediate opening. apparently, i also don't have to worry so much over the lesson plans as the current teacher is working on plans even now.

being home, however, has given me the opportunity to talk call the school that interviewed me at the job faire on the 6th and find out the status of their long term position that's coming up. if i can get something more definite on that, i can turn the high school down and not feel like i screwed up. and the same goes for the chance they've already picked someone to take that position when it comes available. if it's all still up in the air, well, then i don't know what to do, especially if they have several people in mind for the position. i suppose i could ask how badly it would hurt my chances for full time employment with them if i took the high school job. i'd rather have all the cards on the table and know what issues will be involved before i decide.

they're supposed to call me back today. if i'm really lucky, i might get a definitive, "we'd like you to take the position." i'm not holding my breath on it though; they probably have a few people on the list they'd like to interview for the position before offering it.

i suppose the good news is that either way i'll be working until the end of the year. and i'll have one more long term i can add to my resumé. that extra $10/day doesn't seem like much, but it does add a couple of hundred to the paycheck. puts me almost at a first year teaching pay level--minus the benefits, of course. i'd just really rather work at a middle school than a high school, and at a middle school with openings coming up than a middle school without. this particular middle school did mention positions opening up for next year.

while i'm home, i'm also going to fill out some info online at various georgia school system sites. who knows what would come from one of them? maybe another possible long term, maybe a full time. then again, maybe nothing. still, might as well use the time i to get my name out there more, especially since i stayed home and slept yesterday rather then handing out the resume and touching bases with schools again.

and whatever happens, i want to make sure i'm definite for another long term before i turn down the high school. if it comes down to a "we don't know" for the middle school, i guess i'll have to regretfully request they pull me off their list of possible candidates. i have a family to support first and foremost. and, as much as i would like to reserve myself for them, i can't do it on a maybe.

gotta take the long terms i can.

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