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sunday, march 26, 2006

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so, after a long conversation with hubby on this long term thing, it's been decided not to take the high school offer. i'll call early tomorrow and let them know so we don't waste any of their time or our gas for the interview.

i'm still actually a little iffy on it myself, but the husband's reasoning makes sense. and we have only one car, so this decision doesn't just affect me or my paycheck. there's his time involved in the morning as well as my time (he ends up with these horrendously long days because he's having to get up as early as i am, but then he can't go back to sleep when he and the kids get back home even though no one needs to be any where for another hour and a half), the fact that it's a high school and i wasn't too happy with my previous high school assignment, taz gets completely thrown off by being up so early, and then there's the gas and the distance -- this particular school isn't that close. my only concern is whether or not i get offered another long term. i think i've said it before, that extra $10/day adds up.

regardless, i think this is probably the best way to go. hopefully i'll get offered one of the 3 or 4 long terms i've heard are coming up at various middle schools. and even if i don't, i'll still be working fairly regularly. most the days off i get are days that i've taken. this next week looks scarce on the work, but that will probably change -- schools tend to call the same day a lot and this will be one week i'll have to take same day calls because we have spring vacation coming, and that one week will tank my check enough as it is (and even an additional $10/day can't help that).

the middle school never got a hold of me about the long term they have coming up, but i did manage to find out it's still up for grabs. hopefully, i'm still on their short list.

really, all this worry about whether i'm working and how vacations will affect us will only go away with a long term permanent position. and my best bet is probably to be available for anything that comes up with middle schools since that's where i want to be employed. just wish they'd hurry up about it!

other than the high school long term discussion and decision, it's been a pretty quiet weekend. my oldest turned 19 yesterday, but we didn't call her till today. my bad. just got busy else where -- primarily on dii, but also spent time snuggling up the hubby and doing laundry. we did call today and i told her to let us know in advance when she'd make up here next. we'll celebrate with cake then. seems her birthday present on the base was to do 40 pushups while her company sang happy birthday to her.

we did have one financial snaffu. we went out to eat on friday night thinking everything was covered. not quite. my son's meds came up to $60 (we didn't realize he needed refills on all four of them, and even though the co-pay is only $15, that still adds up quite heftily when you're looking at 9-10 prescriptions that need to be refilled regularly), so we'll probably have to ask linnorm for the money we said we didn't need this time around (repayment on a previous loan). and then, yesterday our gas bill came in with a $60 past due that has to be paid by wednesday. them i'll call and get a delay till friday or saturday, so no major issue, just was a surprise since we've actually been keeping up on most our bills. the gas is a tough one right now though, since it's running around $200-$250/month. that'll drop as we get out of these cold snaps and go into summer. . . at which point our under $100/month electric bill will start to go up. ;)

beyond that, a good, quiet weekend. when everything else is going okay, a few maybe nots aren't too bad, especially when they aren't of the panic variety.

off to work more on my novel!

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