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brain implosion
saturday, march 26, 2005

i should be in bed asleep, but i'm having a hard time doing that since i've spent a lot of time in bed resting and trying to get well lately. i finally caught one of the 3 or 4 bugs running around the schools i've been subbing at. no surprise really, just damn annoying.

well, okay, it wasn't so annoying tuesday when i really needed the day off because i could barely remain conscious until sometime in the afternoon; but wednesday when i had to call in, it really became annoying. and thursday kinda sucked when i opted to go to work despite being sick and i sounded like i had gargled with salt water and rocks and realized hubby had come down sick too. at least i sounded better on thursday than i did on wednesday.

since then the whole thing has settled in my head - burning eyes, congestion, one really nasty cough, issues with my ears (which hasn't helped my balance any since i already have dizzy spell problems from something settling in my inner ear as a teenager). at least i haven't caught the flu-like symptoms saxy seems plagued with . . . yet.

beyond all that, it's been busy. i'm working almost every day and get home too tired to really do much. that's got to change and somehow i have to convince myself to write for at least 30 minutes once i get home. so far i come in, check mail, then go vegetate anywhere but in front of the pc. even writing an entry for whysper while at work is almost useless, i come home too tired to post.

what time i have spent on the computer has been spent working on getting the dii home forum up. that's pretty much done and all i have left to go through is the crits i salvaged so i can get them off to the appropriate author. that's going to take a little time. i've pretty much decided to leave of any work on my writing journals until summer. i just don't have enough time and patience through the day to deal with them and try to write too. they're ugly, not functioning the way i want right now, but they are up. that's what matters. i'll have a lot to try to get through in the 2 months or so i have off, plus trying to get back on track with my writing, but i'm not really expecting to get them all done either. hell, i have a feeling ink and voices, which were blended in mt, are going to have to be completely reorganized in wp.

i seriously need a wp expert to help me with some of the coding issues, but don't have the time now to work with one. the forums are damn near useless. for example, i've found 3 threads on removing the bullets from the monthly archives list. unfortunately, someone figures out what to do and never posts clear instructions on how to do it, just something like "oh, i got it now!" thanks for informing the rest of the world! i'm half considering moving my mt journals to another server and going back to the version of mt i have just to avoid the damn headache, but we really can't afford it.

speaking of which, we got out of the hole, then tumbled right back in. partly our own faults - although the good news there is that my over spending panic button is starting to kick in again. however, part of the tumble was the praxis. i thought it would $90. nope, there's a $40 registration fee. then there's the $40 late registration fee. so my praxis I cost us $170. i damn well better pass that damn thing. i don't want to have to pay for any portion of it ever again. now, i would have waited on registration, but it was the very last day to do so and there's only one more test date after this one and that needs to be reserved for the pII. of course this also means my praxis II is going to cost $125 because of the $40 registration fee i didn't realize they had, assuming i manage to register for it before the late registration date. and that's no guarantee since i need to pass the praxis I first, so have to wait to hear what my scores are before i can register.

i take the pI on april 16.

my oldest turned 18 yesterday. sigh. we managed to talk to her on the phone early in the a.m. - a rather bizarre call since she called us and saxy and i were both kinda out of it on account of being sick and all. we had a much clearer call in the evening, but again didn't keep it too long. we did find out her grad pictures are finally paid for and we should soon be receiving copies.

i know i had a lot more to say - there's been a lot more going on at home, at work, and just about everywhere else - but it's almost 2 a.m., my son is awake for some reason (meh!), and i'm sick and need to be in bed. course, with the boy awake, i probably shouldn't go to sleep at the moment (but more than likely will now that i need to stay awake), but still should be in bed reading or something, you know, all that resting stuff so i can get well and be ready to work on monday.

besides, i've forgotten most of it. as usual. too much going on combined with anemia and adhd and being sick. brain implosion. no doubt about it.

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