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tuesday, march 15, 2005

meh. this cycle has me ready to just fall over. two nights in a row i've crashed well before midnight, before 8pm one night. i even slept for more than 12 hours one of those nights. plain exhaustion combined with a period that's being more devastating than it should be. i mean, really, i'm not sure why this one is wiping me out - i'm still just spotty. it doesn't make sense.

work, on the other hand, has been pretty tiring and for logical reasons. i've been subbing 8th grade classes . . . tough 8th grade classes. kids who don't want to work, who's first reaction is to argue, who let off stink bombs in the hallways and tag the bathrooms with derogatory remarks against teachers. it's amazing i haven't written more referrals than the 2 i wrote up last thursday. i took yesterday off to manage a few things - getting froggy's new meds refilled among others - and spent time with the hubby. i was kinda hoping to get into a new team this week, but, no, same team, same batch of kids. granted, they were better behaved today, but still tiring. i had 3 students in particular that just could not shut up to save their lives. one of them finally got put in another classroom, a second was warned she was about to get a detention, and i put the third in a different seat. fortunately, the last class of the day was pretty good.

the work on reconstructing the dii forums progresses. it's still not pretty, but 2 of the other admins and i started moving topics from the backup forum to the new home forum today. i still have transcripts to post to both forums, but that may take a few - i have a number of files to compare to get down to 2 different classes for each transcript. we hope to move the members over to the new home forum by early next week. our last new member will have either joined the backup forum or been dropped, and there won't be anyone else we need to worry about confusing with the transfer while they are in mid-signup.

my mt journals are now up in wp. i'm not impressed, but not much i can do without moving my whole site elsewhere. i'm sure i'll figure it all out and get a reasonable facsimile of what i want layout wise when i actually have time to work on them. so much of my site is mucked up and not getting the attention it needs right now that it really doesn't make much of a difference - it's a damn good thing i don't have any fl's i'm trying to get online or anything. i'll get back to fixing them eventually. i'm worried about setting up ink and voices the way i want, but if i have to separate them, i guess i have to separate them. wp is taking me a little to figure out, and there are a few things that are going to drive me crazy until i do figure it out! lol

my writing is at a standstill . . . again. i had an idea for the "mystery" series i want to attempt, but it got buried in the frustration of dealing with the journals and i have yet to recapture it enough to write it down in my notes again. i actually keep hoping i'll find some time to develop it at a bit at work, but not with the classes i've been subbing at lately.

for once a 6th grade class is starting to look pretty dang good! lol

and the praxis, well, let's just stay i'm pretty frustrated with it too. i need to do this, and i need to take advantage of the time before i actually can pay to take the sucker. instead, i'd rather look at anything but the essay questions i have for it.

finally, social security has me more than a bit miffed right now. i really thought i had this solved. instead, yesterday i received a letter from them saying i owed them more money for january and february than what he actually received for those months and still have yet to receive a letter saying his ssi has been reinstated. however, i just checked his account and they apparently finally put some money in on the 10th. i don't get it. i'm hoping his worker will call and leave a message or write or something. confusion isn't good and we seriously need taz's money for the time being.

which reminds me - i need to ask her about the two months i'm off. i won't have a letter, bit it only stands to reason that as a sub i won't be working.

no wonder i'm tired. life isn't bad, but it's damn exhausting just trying to keep up!

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