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daughter day
monday, march 15, 2004

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since my oldest isn't going to go with us to atlanta, i spent all day saturday with her. granted, it's early, we have 3 months or so, but now is when we have the money for this. so we spent pretty much all of saturday together, then i spent sunday in recovery. lol

the day started with her doing my hair and me making up. she loves to play with my hair, all the girls do. i generally don't let jewel at it though, she just can't seem to not yank. however, kitten doesn't just brush, she puts it up (and i'm definitely going to miss that! i can't do it myself). she learned and practiced french braiding on my hair. after that, she went up to get ready herself and i put on my makeup, learning in the process that i better start doing this on a regular bases again since i probably should pretty myself up when job hunting in atlanta. i am woefully out of practice. lol

first stop, the grocery store to get money and pick up a few things we were missing in our make up kits. (yes, it really was a girlie day, as you will see, lol.) we had an hour before our movie so we roamed the local mall for a bit, looking for a few other things and not finding them. unfortunately, the local mall is dying. i mean, REALLY dying. there are 3 or 4 places for major department stores that are now unrented. half the other smaller stores are empty as well. it's just sad. but it's in the gang area (about 4 or 5 blocks from us) and people would rather go to the much safer mall a few miles away. anyway, we did find some beautiful prom dresses and i hope both kitten and jewel can convince dad to get them each one for their upcoming dances. just gorgeous.

her movie of choice: "you got served." not anything i would see on my own, but she's really into dance movies and wanted to see it, so that what we saw. it wasn't spectacular - i wasn't really impressed - but it wasn't really bad either. only a few cheesy moments through the whole thing (the slow mo kiss at the end was just plain silly). and i had to keep telling her to stop bebopping in her seat to the music. lol

after the movie we were off to lunch with a quick stop at target on the way. we browsed the makeup there too (the grocery store had a pathetic collection, the mall had merle norman's and i wasn't about to spend $40 on 3 items no matter how good they are!), plus picked up a small case and a shirt for me, browsed the anime and the music. she helped me with the eye liner thing that i haven't done in ages. like i said, it was a very girlie day. lol

lunch was at tony roma's. we sat and talked and ate and had a great time. we talked about what she's doing in school next year, her plans after she graduates, about makeup (she looked like she was starting some of those goth/mexi habits that i've warned her against - lip liner and no lipstick, ringing her eyes in black, things i'd warned her against, lol), and other things. we didn't get out of there till after 5pm (having left our house at around 9:30 am, but having to take buses to almost everything), and got home around 6 or so. all in all it was a very nice day.

sunday i ended up not doing much, i was pretty sore from all the walking. out here there really isn't any place to walk that's either safe or interesting. i'm hoping that will change in atlanta, it would really help me get out again if it was a nice place to go walking without being in fear of your life. hopefully being a hermit hasn't become too much a habit, or, at least, is one easily broken.

i do think kitten was almost hoping she wouldn't be able to move in with dad. his brother lives there with him now and we weren't too sure he'd give the go ahead. well he did, and soon after the conversation with her father confirming this, kitten broke down into tears.

baby, mama will miss you too.

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