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saturday, march 24, 2001
wooo hooo!

my last final was yesterday and yes, i was going to write, but then the tax return also came in and busy was not the word. so by the time i got home i was exhausted (ok, so by the time i LEFT home i was exhausted, but that's beside the point -- heck, i was exhausted when i took the final which is even further from the point, but i digress), and today i am coming down with saxy's cold from last week (and it is his fault, no matter what he says) so energy to be excited is nonexistent and writing just never made it to the top of list. i also tried to create a new design for, but i hated it (probably as much as everyone else liked it), so you all are stuck with the graphic heavy and far too easy to trash design i currently have and love. my only reasons for changing were because of those 2 reasons, but i adore my site design and i doubt anything else would last very long even if i liked it enough to use it.

yes, i am rambling. i do that when i am tired and sick. it really sucks to be sick on my break. i have only 10 days and i am sure half that time i won't be able to enjoy it because of this head cold which will hang on the way illness does with me.

at any rate, at least with finals over and a break, sick or not, i can spend money and catch up with things on the domain(s). maybe i should start calling this conglomeration the domynoes network. ;)

saxy's surgery went well, he got the stitches removed thursday and was told everything looked good. he's doing well, except for the typical antsyness any of us would feel at being down and unable to do much. he did go to the store today -- and i think it may be awhile before he tries that again. but other than the typical "i can do more than this reaaaaaaaally -- oh never mind" routine, he really is doing well. and he can get his own coke now -- that just would have been more helpful a few days earlier. studying for finals is a bit difficult when you get a request for something every 15 minutes. told you, the timing on this thing sucked. along other lines in good news though, he is getting disability, and he is getting a substantial amount for disability. my worries for summer are now a lot less than they were.

friday our tax return came in so i was able to start the huge spending spree we had planned. well, monday will not be so much of spending spree as a school resupply trip and bill pay off. utilities and credit cards are in order on monday. but friday was the fun stuff. saxy and the kids are now awaiting their new dell system (to be shipped on the or before the 29th). nice little system actually, about 100 faster than mine with comparable hard drive space and ram among other things, plus we got them a new printer and dell threw in a free scanner. and then paid a total $500 less than i did for mine. but with the girls having to do more papers and saxy heading back into school in the fall, we definitely felt the old pos (piece of sh__, fill in the blanks) just was not going to cut it anymore - not like it was anyway. we're still debating on whether to cannibalize the old system or to give it to taz for games and stuff. it really is a slow monster with no real value, and with all the trouble its given us probably doesn't deserve to live.

then came the first half of the school resupply trips. picked up a laptop for $100 less than i had planned (although the service contract was more than what i imaged it would be -- whew!). i picked up a discontinued toshiba that will work just fine for taking notes in class. i had heard that toshibas are basically "disposable", but with the service contract i think i am cool. anything goes wrong they have to fix it, anything goes horribly wrong they have to give me the full credit for the system towards a new one. so i figure, if its disposable, i just put down $900 on a better system while having a not so hot system to use in the mean time. i did play a little with it today, and i am definitely going to need to practice with it in the next 10 days, it is really different.

tomorrow is kitten's 14th birthday. in usual fashion, she and jewel have managed to get themselves home for the day rather than at church with dad. the last couple of weeks the kids have all just been nuts. one argument after another, knowing what they're supposed to do and not doing it, voluntary "deafness" (seriously -- i hear "what?' after i have already said something 3 or 4 times one more time, the child will be in SERIOUS trouble), and so on and so forth. and kitten seems to think it being her birthday makes her exempt from the rules of behavior in this house. i think not.

looking at so much to catch up on during my break that i am not sure it can even be considered a break. but if i am ever going to get things done, i need to get started. some of it, not such a big deal, but i still having moving in to do on all the domains and i also have a good 150 - 200 links to add/update on my resources. and that's just my personal stuff. expressions updates have been made, and site updates to TWC have also been made. just have my projects and critiques to do. visions members have kindly waited a month and are due a new chapter as well. so off to write -- html, critiques, whatever....

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